August 4, 1999

The Court orders from July 1, 1998 state, “ W to give H 30 days written notice of non emergency medical care.” We interpreted this to mean if the kids have dental appointments, physicals, the like.

If the kids are sick and need to go to the doctors to be checked out and possibly given meds for their illness, then she needs to take them. She couldn’t understand this. She could never understand this.

She wrote Keith an email on this date, complaining about medical/dental expenses and how he has exhausted all her patience in dealing with his pettiness regarding their kids. It’s funny, when she praises herself on being the perfect mother, she refers to the kids are “my kids.” When she’s complaining to Keith about how he is, she says, “Your kids” and when she THINKS she’s trying to say she’s trying to work with Keith on issues, then they are “their kids.”

In this email, because you know she has a need, she says, “we all know that Keith is not the person who responds. He may once in awhile but we all know that Pat is the one meddling in everybody’s business.”

She also told him, “you are just ridiculous about your money and your kids.” Tells him to leave her alone unless it regards the kids, that she doesn’t want to hear his whining and sniveling because he “has to take care of your kids.” She told him to get a life.

I think one day, I will do one of those, “Tell me you’re Ugly without telling me you’re ugly…” and then show proof of all her ugly statements about him thus far.

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