I started back to work this week! It felt good to be back on campus with the students and teachers!! It’s been a crazy start but we made it! I was at work on Monday, but the students didn’t come in until Wednesday. After 18 months or so, it’s been great! it’s also nice to be making money again. I get a paid month off during the year (holidays), then I get a month off during the summer without pay, but in between the month off in summer, (1 week, then 3 weeks) I work summer school. The non paid month off is great for my piece/peace of mind, but definitely NOT for the bank account, LOL.

I picked up my son last night from work and he had some news. He got Employee of the Month for the month of July AND he is NOW FULL TIME, after working full time hours in a part time status. I was so happy for him!! They told him he has an excellent work ethic and he’s always on time. Seeing all the changes at his former employers place, it seems he made a good decision when he decided to quit. I wasn’t really happy with that decision, mostly because it was a Union job, but he was happy at this new employer, and now he’s where he’s at, they recognize his strengths and appreciate his hard work.

BOTH my kids work at the same place now, both have made Employee of the month and both are full time employees. I’m very proud of my kids. ❤️💙💜💜

I started counseling a little while ago, like a month or two ago. I love my counselor. It’s through Zoom, but it’s ok. I had an appointment two weeks ago, and the time just flew by I didn’t even do the “homework” I was supposed to do. So I have that work to do, plus the work I got yesterday, and I had forgotten I had appt yesterday until I got a text.

It’s just busy for me. 3 days a week I drive 50 miles to take my fiancé to his PT appts. (25 each way), after I get out of work. I actually get about a 45 minute test period between getting off work and having to leave again. It’s never a dull moment, so when I get time like on the weekends, I do just chill, do what I want and/or have to do, or not, my choice 👍🏻

I hope all has been well with you all!! Stay up, stay well and healthy and will write again soon!



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