Things To Remember:

You don’t have to be perfect

Having a bad day is OK

Small steps are also progress

Asking for help is strength

People love and appreciate you…

You must tell yourself that no matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets. you’re going to make it. (Les Brown)


It was after Keith died that his ex accused him of abuse, saying she “divorced him for abuse.” She never said what kind, but I have no doubt it was a lie. If anyone abused anyone, she more than likely abused him, verbally, psychologically, emotionally.

I Believe This:

I’m fully vaccinated and had my booster…… No, I don’t know “what’s in it”. Neither this vaccine nor the ones I had as a child. Nor do I know what’s in the 11 secret herbs and spices at KFC. I also don’t know exactly what’s in Ibuprofen or any other painkiller — they just treat …


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