Is There A Handbook?

I often wonder if there is a handbook that HCBM’s all follow. When I saw this woman on TikTok this morning, it reminded me of something Keith’s ex wrote him in April 1995 about a box we (he and I) sent to his kids.

This is what his ex wife wrote:

From the Ex- April 1995

This is the TikTok I saw this morning- this BM (Bio Mom) was angry that the girlfriend/stepmom bought a dress for her stepdaughters elementary (or middle school) school graduation. Well, let me post the ranting one first… it seems she shares 50/50 custody, and she pays support.

Now the video that reminded me of what the ex in my situation wrote about…

Is there a handbook they follow?

Just curious…


Giving… and Assuming

What do you think? So I posted a few comments on this one. Just sounds so hypocritical and judgmental to me. The only difference between him and others he’s talking about, is a camera recording. HE still told his followers what HE did.. was it necessary? No. Did he do it for clout? More followers? Even though he says it’s probably his last video for awhile.

Reminds me of something my fiancé has said, (paraphrasing)“where HE wouldn’t, others would” Live and let live, help others when you can, however you can. , when you’re led to. If someone has the money to do things like this, great! It makes one’s heart happy and brightens the receivers day a bit. I see no harm in recording anything like that. The receivers reaction to receiving such a gift is some positivity the world could use. #IMO #OffMySoapBox