Last Night….

It always surprises me when I am searching for information online when something else pops up that I was not expecting.

A few nights ago, either Friday or Saturday night, my fiance and I were driving home and we saw a HUGE police presence at a Denny’s on Lakewood Blvd in the City of Bellflower. We were very curious as to what happened, so I told my fiance that I was sure if I looked it up online or FB, I would be able find out.

Last night, I decided to look this incident up online and on FB. I was NOT expecting to find what I was not looking for.

I haven’t been to church in over a decade. The last church I attended was a Pentecostal Church that my husband and I attended with our kids, for about 10 years. It was also the Church where I had Keith, my husband’s Memorial Service. Keith LOVED the way the Pastor’s wife sang “How Great Thou Art.” He LOVED her voice, he LOVED those glass shattering high notes she could hit. Well… that same Angelic voice is now singing “How Great Thou Art” in Heaven, with Keith as part of the Greeting Party, probably right on the front lines of Heaven’s Gates.

Last night, as I was looking for the incident at the Denny’s, I saw a LIVE stream happening at the Church. I thought it was just Sunday night service. Turns out it was Sister Butler’s Funeral Service. I was literally stunned. Just STUNNED. I sent my kids a text message telling that Pastor Butler’s wife had passed away. It was all I knew. I sent them the Live Stream of the service. I also told them that I wanted to go by and offer my condolences, and asked if they wanted to go. They couldn’t believe the text I sent them, I could hardly believe it myself. I went to the Church by myself. I was able to see Pastor Butler and give him a hug. I didn’t stay, but I told my kids that even if I didn’t want to go to the Church last night, it was as if I was being pushed to go, and that, I felt, was DEFINTELY my husband telling me, “Go.” It just really saddened me to learn this information. Mrs. Butler was a very sweet, soft spoken woman with a great sense of humor. She was only 68 years old, but had been ill for so many years. She passed away, August 13, 2022.

Sister Butler is finally at peace, healthy and whole. She’s up in the Heavens, singing in her Angelic voice as only she can. Rest in Peace, Sister Butler, please give Keith, your biggest fan, a huge hug from me and our kids. You were blessed, you blessed others and you lived a beautiful life.

Carrie Underwood’s version of How Great Thou Art is the most beautiful I’ve heard. It’s featuring Vince Gill, who’s married to Amy Grant. I had Amy Grant’s “BEAUTIFUL” played at Keith’s Memorial Service.


How Great Thou Art- Carrie Underwood (Feat. Vince Gill)

BEAUTIFUL by Amy Grant

Have a Beautiful day everyone. Thank you for reading.

Is There A Handbook?

I often wonder if there is a handbook that HCBM’s all follow. When I saw this woman on TikTok this morning, it reminded me of something Keith’s ex wrote him in April 1995 about a box we (he and I) sent to his kids.

This is what his ex wife wrote:

From the Ex- April 1995

This is the TikTok I saw this morning- this BM (Bio Mom) was angry that the girlfriend/stepmom bought a dress for her stepdaughters elementary (or middle school) school graduation. Well, let me post the ranting one first… it seems she shares 50/50 custody, and she pays support.

Now the video that reminded me of what the ex in my situation wrote about…

Is there a handbook they follow?

Just curious…