Another Divorce

Well, well, well….internet surfing brought some crazy information up. Oldest stepdaughter is getting a (possibly second) divorce, filing in Jan 2023.

Back in Feb. 2006, days short of 3 months that my husband, her Dad passed away, she came out of nowhere to attack me via MySpace. and this one .

She didn’t want to communicate with me several months before, but after her dad died, she wants to slide into my DM’s? Wasn’t she happily married to the first guy? I mean, on March 26-05, I wished her a long lasting marriage, what is she bugging me for? I mean, I knew that as of 6-13-05, the October wedding had been postponed, but it was 8 months later. Who knows…

ANYWAY, she married the second guy, on 8/27/11. They had twins about 4 years later, and now, 12 years after they said I DO… she’s filed for divorce from him. That’s going to cost him a pretty penny. He’s in real estate. Need I say more? Poor guy, I feel badly for him because he lost his mom about a year ago or so now as well. GEEZ. He’s got to be hurting. 2 whammies.

I’ve written this guy before via FB. The first time was 2/2015, sending him a my son, his wife’s half brother, along with a note saying how surprised I was when reading my FB newsfeed, he and his wife appeared under “People you May know.” I told him it was a beautiful picture of the two of them and while I don’t know him, I’d known his wife for a 12 year period at one time, way back when. I told him I was glad she was happy. I also told him the pic is of my 17 year old son, his wife’s half brother, and how he wonders about his older siblings, that I hoped everyone was doing well, nice to “see” him and to take care. I got no response.

In Nov of 2015, I send him a message congratulating him and his wife on the birth of their twins, on behalf of myself, my son, and my son and his half sister’s cousin. No response from him.

Last night, I send a message to him saying sorry to read of his impending divorce, that I wish him nothing but the best through it all. I hoped that there would never be any issues of him seeing his twins and that he is always allowed to see them when he wants and to take care. He responded back with the weirdest of message. He wrote, “May God forgive you for all your hurts! I see you’re very heartbroken. May God fill your hear with love. I know you mean well, but the family wants nothing to do with you. Please understand I have to block you now.”

Say what? The Family? I wasn’t writing the family. I just happen to know how that family works. I don’t have hurts and I was heartbroken when my husband, his soon to be ex wife’s dad died, nearly 18 years ago. I’ve learned that Life goes on. We continue on with our lives, with a new normal, living without him. He will have to learn the same lesson, losing two women he loved much.

The guy, on the other hand. MUST be going through it. His mom passing away, now dealing with this divorce, I can’t even imagine. I hope my former oldest stepdaughter does right by him. I remember reading about how she wouldn’t let her oldest child’s father see him. So, so sad.

I still wish her current soon to be ex husband the best as he goes through this madness. Hopefully it doesn’t cost him too too much.