Excellent Game!

(sent this email to my sister, my dad, friends, my stepdaughter and her grandmother at 12:42pm) I wrote:

“Good afternoon!

Well, Sarah’s game was at 1015am, and what a game!

Sarah and The Reds played the A’s. The Reds loss 12-11. The first time Sarah was up, she hit the ball to the first baseman. The second time, she fouled out (remember only 3 pitches per player) and the third up at bat. she hit…A HOMER!!! It was great! She told me on the way home that she was shaking the entire time, from the first pitch to the time she made it back into the dugout! LOL! She was the 11th run!

I hope you are all have a great day! 🙂


Letter To Her Attorney

After her emails this morning, I sent a letter via USPS to her attorney. I don’t have an attorney, so I have to do what I have to do. I wrote,

“Please file this demand letter in your clients file. It is one thing for Ms. (her last name) to disparage me but she stepped over the line once again by telling my husband, her FORMER husband that our kids “are a pain in the ass.” There are NO excuses for her words or actions.

Should you have any questions or would like copies of any written documentations, feel free to call to discuss this matter.


Patricia (my legal names)

I attached a copy of an email my husband sent her last night (the 17th) regarding this issue along with the e-mails between her and I this morning.

June 18, 2002

Happy 15th birthday to my stepdaughter. I received an email from her mother this morning.

at 06:41am, she wrote, “Don’t answer or read the e-mails. Simple answer. Calling or writing my employer will get you laughed at and sued.” Does she really think I care about being laughed at or sued? Not hardly. My mindset is, this employer has hired someone like this, who libelously slanders and defames innocent minor kids, ages 8.5 and 5 years old AND works with the public.

The ex turned right around and at 06:54am fires off another email writing, “I have never sent any e-mail to you or given you my e-mail address which is not publicly listed. You have once again invaded my privacy and you have no business dealing with me and we do not have children together. You have no rights in this arrangement between me and Richard and our children. No rights no privileges and no responsibilities. Stay out of my personal business and do not contact me again.”

Does this lady think that her constant attacks against MY innocent in all of this children doesn’t affect my husband? How sick is that, truly.

At 07:52am I responded and said, “(her first and last name), when you invade MY home and MY privacy and the privacy of mine and KEITH’S kids (Sarah and Thomas) by speaking derogatorily against me and us, then as their mother and a human being, I have ever right to demand that you cease and desist.

Failure to do so on your part will result in the actions mentioned earlier. Patricia (my last name)”

08:05am she writes back again: “You just can’t help yourself and keep reading those e-mails.”

I sent her a Cease and Desist e-mail at 08:31am:



This was the morning of her daughter’s birthday.


Keith emailed his ex wife, with the subject matter: Reminder.

(her name),

Court orders from July 1998 state that the only contact we are to have is regarding the children.

You are in violation of and have continued to be in violation of this order for the past 4 years, at least.

You have constantly and consistently berated my wife and 2 kids here in your contact with me.

My wife and 2 kids here have nothing to do with (their son and daughter) and your contact with me is limited to (son and daughter).

I will continue to document these violations and they will be dealt with in a court of law.

Once again, I formally DEMAND that you refrain from talking about my wife and kids in your contact with me.


Just Stop

This woman…when someone constantly attacks you verbally “just because” is one thing. When said person constantly attacks your children because said person is JEALOUS, that’s a totally different thing.

I had come to realize the ex is jealous of the fact that my kids are here with their dad day in and day out and that because of HER decision to move out of state, her kids are no longer able to see their dad at least every other weekend, so she’s taking it out on my kids.

Today, I sent her an email telling her that “The NEXT DEROGATORY phone call or e-mail you send to Keith or place to our home, with references to me, Patricia (middle initial, last name), Sarah (full name) and Thomas (full name), will be turned over to YOUR employer and reported to the police. Patricia (last name).”

Truth Hurts

It’s funny, because when she gets caught in her lies, when Keith repeats things to her that she has said in other emails that is different than her current thought process, it’s sets her into a tail spin. She can’t STAND to have her words used against. her.

That is what Keith did in an email he sent her at 01:10am this morning. She didn’t like that and her response was so crazy.

She responded at 07:42am to the email Keith sent at 01:10am this morning, saying, “Like you are really up at this hour, pat you did this you made Dick loose his kids so yours could be there. You pushed (her son and daughter) away from their dad so you could control his breathing.”

What a sad pathetic lady. Fact is, SHE made Keith lose his kids, SHE pushed her kids away from their dad by speaking ill of him constantly, sharing their adult problems with them, calling him names when discussing him with them, twisting his words. SHE lost the control she thought she had on him and she can’t stand it so SHE did everything she could out of spite and jealousy to ruin Keith’s relationship with this kids.


One thing that Keith noticed since 1998, that anytime he submitted his summer vacation to the ex, it would eventually be in conflict with her plans. ALWAYS. THIS email was no different.

In this long email she stated that their daughter “didn’t want to be gone longer than two weeks with you, but the time frame doesn’t match to vacation schedule.” She went on to say that their daughter “was trying to do the same thing as I was and coordinate her visitation with my vacation. At which time she chose to spend one week with her grandma and two weeks with you. Now she is upset with you and your attitude towards her and she changed her mind to one week…Once again my vacation for summer and where I go and what I do and who I take along is none of your business. I was trying to make things easier for visitation and it did not work out. (Son) is taking the time off without pay and any longer would probably mean that he would loose his job. He has expressed no interest in visiting or staying with you this summer. If you had tried to be nicer to the kids and quit doing things that make the situation worse and kept your nosey wife our of our personal business then things may have turned out better. I have tried to compromise with you and have been met with a stone wall, I have tried to explain the kids to you and help you develop a relationship with them and you have seen fit to do your own way. Now they are old enough to make their own decisions. Both of them were totally disgusted to find out that you pried into our personal business and check the airlines for who and when we were taking our vacation. This information was none of your business. And you did not act appropriately invading our privacy. Things and situations like this have ruined their respect for you. Proving to them you are more interested in the fight then spending time with them. You have made a mess of a already difficult situation that could have been easier…”

WOW…talk about DEFLECTION. Isn’t this a common narcissitic trait? Accuse someone else of what exactly you are doing?

First Game

(sent email to my stepdaughter, my sister and friends at 2:15pm)” I wrote:

“We had Sarah’s first softball game this morning. She is playing for City of Bellflower. It has been a crazy season. Her team only had maybe 4 practices before today. The two original coaches up and quit right, so they scrambled to get some coaches together. Keith said he can help when he is available.

She is on the Reds! They played the Yankees and lost 17-11.

The coaches were able to throw 3 pitches per batter, and that was it. The innings went 3 outs or all the way through the line up, which I don’t think was too fair as they had a 2-3 player advantage, but oh well…To stop a play, they had to either make the play or throw the ball to the pitcher in the pitcher’s circle.

Sarah fouled out the first time up, got a TRIPLE the second time up (boy, she smacked that ball too!) and struck out the last time up.

She said she had fun playing! It was pretty exciting! If I don’t get larygitis tomorrow, I will be surprised! LOL!

That’s about it for the softball game. Gotta go, as her and Thomas are waiting to go out and ride their scooters! (it’s sooo hot!)

Take care, stay cool!


Kids Don’t Run Things

So, we KNOW we listen to what kids have to say, but they Don’t run things. They don’t get their way because they’re kids.

On June 13, 2002, Keith and his daughter were emailing back and forth about summer visitation. It was between him and his daughter. Her mother’s e-mail wasn’t listed on the emails, but guess who responded as well, this morning?

In this email response from the ex tonight, she writes, “Wow, you are really a great dad, with your attitude. Guess who she sounds like, you did this and now you will suffer. I agree with (daughter) and you are being ridiculous about this and letting your wife push your kids out of your life. Too bad you can’t see past fat’s grip on you.” That’s her term of endearment for me, LOL.

Keith responded back 2223 with “HA HA! Aren’t you one to talk about attitude! HA HA! If you only KNEW…boy, if you ONLY knew…” (I don’t even know what that means, LOL)

She emailed at 2323 and at one part, Keith had asked how his son was, and she pops off with, “Why don’t you ask him. No gift, no card nothing not even a phone call for graduation. WOW fat really is jealous, so much so you can’t even use the phone, she must eat holding on to you so you don’t make any move without her. This is TOOOOOO controlling for me.” WTF? Keith has often wondered why he can’t their kids on THEIR cell phones, instead of having to deal with their mother when he called on their home phone.

She emailed again at 2336 writing, “If I only knew you are not the person who is writing the e-mails and in fact dick knows nothing except what you feed him”


In another response from her from an email regarding Graduation pictures, the mix-up and her trying to put the blame on Keith for it, she wrote at 2339, “you truly are a freak and you married a fat one.”

Keith asked her in a 2355 response, “and do besides your ever friendly name calling of me and my wife, what else is your problem? you can’t control me? you no longer have control over this picture situation?”

They Don’t, They Do, They Don’t

Ex responded to Keith’s email. She wrote at 06:36am:

“Is this how you make yourself feel better?

My kids do not read my e-mails without my access code. If you are embarrassed by what you said about (daughter) not being articulate enough to explain the situation or the part about hissy fit then you should not have said it verbally or in an e-mail.

Your vacation is scheduled at the beginning of an during the school year for both the kids. They are unable to be there when you have scheduled your vacation due to school.

If you had put them first in your life, then you would have asked for time off when they were not in school.

You have school schedules and your wife has time to find out when school starts so……why did you schedule your vacation when they are in school.

You are good at trying to blame others to make yourself look good.

It is tooo late for you sorriness. “

HUH? and what is “sorriness”?

Keith responded back to her at 07:36am:

“so now we are back to the kids do not read your e-mails without your access code, and what you have it posted up? because other than that, you would have to verbally give it to them, and you said she can and did read the e-mails I sent you that in no way shape or form called her “‘stupid and retarded” but yet you told her that I did. So, in answer to the question I asked you days ago, yes, you did p lay a part in her reading the e-mail I sent you.

I am not embarrassed by anything I wrote. Articulate i snot calling her stupid or retarded. If she looked up the word like you said, she would have seen that. Sounds more like you are embarrassed by getting caught in your own lies. I am NEVER embarrassed about what I write to you. I have no reason to lie.

You already told me that (son) is not coming. Funny that HE can’t visit me because of this reason you state, but he sure can go to your moms for about 4 weeks after you leave huh and STILL not find time to come here huh? Interesting.

You just said (daughter) doesn’t start until around August 28th. So she can’t come here from Aug 11-24, a two week period, we all agreed to? I see. She has plenty of time to get ready for school before she leaves for CA with you, and I can help buy her some things when she is here, so this excuse is poor.

It has nothing to do with putting the kids first. There is PLENTY of proof that I have ALWAYS fought to have the kids here when I was on vacation, BEFORE school started for them but you disallowed it for one reason or another.

No, I have no schedules that state when school starts for next year. It seems you aren’t even too sure about when it starts.

Blame others for what (her name) ? I am not blaming anyone for anything. Quit trying to play Spin Doctor, because your self esteem is so low that you have to constantly LIE. Keith”