Visitation Again

Took Sarah to Anthony’s house so he could see her. Second time this month.

TOO much time passes in between though, which I don’t think is good since we only live 20-30 minutes from each other. OH well.

It was good for Sarah to see Anthony, he talked with her, showed her his fishing pool and he helped her pretend fish in the front room. It was cute.

What wasn’t cute was the lines of cocaine on his end table in the front room, so I took it upon myself and blew it off the table, it landed between the couch and the table, an area that Sarah can’t get to.

Of course, Anthony noticed it was gone, and was PISSED! Forget him, I was pissed, why is that stuff around when our daughter was visiting him and she is crawling around! She could have very well crawled to the table and lifted herself up, and gotten the blow on her hands. OMG, the thought of what COULD have happened scared the crap out of me,

I gathered up my daughter and we left.


Took Sarah to meet up with Anthony at the park down the street from me, today. It was good to see him, they played on the toys, laid on the grass, they had fun.

As we walked back to my sisters after the visitation, he said he can’t see her with me anymore because I am always talking about us breaking up. It has only been 3 months, and this was the first time he had seen Sarah since I left with her. Guess he was busy getting to know his girlfriend and her kids.

He thought he would get cute and start yelling at me, then he said, “I’ll just take Sarah and move to Mexico and you won’t ever see her again!”

Um, no you won’t.