Received Returned Gift

So, in a box addressed to “Richard’ return address from J, postmarked 6-26-01, Keith received L’s Motorola Talkabout gift she asked for and we bought.

Well, we can’t return it, since it was all set up for her, so I guess we have another gadget to use.


L emailed her dad today at 11:33 am. She told him that she and her mom were looking at the Motorola Talkabout. She told him there would be no point to have it because she would have to go out of the city every 4 days and that “that would be stupid to do that” and she doesn’t know if they are going to move back to CA but if they don’t there would be no point. She said she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, but there be no point “thank you for it anyways.”

June 19th 2001

The ex CALLED. One of the many thing she told Keith was that she was getting a restraining order against me to be around HER kids. Who knows what grounds she has, but I’m sure she will try with a whole bund of lies.

What I know is this:

1 She would have to go to court in San Diego.

2 She has to hire an attorney or appear herself.

3 She has to give notice before any of this happens.

4 She has to show grounds for her requested orders.

5 The grounds that would be granted are: If I strike the kids, if I sexually molest the kids, if I am lying to the kids about things that are causing problems between her and the her kids.

I know that just because she doesn’t like me isn’t going to work. The judge will look at it for what it is, Ex wife doesn’t like wife. How could a judge grant a R/O when the kids visit with their dad, I LIVE in the same house and have a child with their dad. No one would expect me to move from my home when her kids are around.

She has made all kinds of threats SO often. If she tries, She has a history of threatening me, lest she forgot.

She also said,

J- there’s not reason for emails to go to other people not involved in this situation. I know that there are emails being to sent to other people including (her now 2nd ex husband).

K- yeah

J- that is not called for

K- well do what you think you have to do.

Because Keith raised his voice, ok was yelling at one point, our son started screaming crying. Keith tells his ex

K- you know what? I’m not listening to this anymore.

J- NO, because you got 2 screaming babies underneath your feet that are more important that your other two kids!



J- hung up.

During the call, she vacillated between getting an R/O against me, us, not quite sure, and asking Keith if he was going to help with college expenses for a certain school their son was looking at, but both the ex and his son refused to tell him anything about the school or send him any information on it. Just wanted money, the rest is none of his business, as usual.

June 19, 2001

EX EMAIL at 7:44am! LOL I just can’t imagine waking up and being pissed off every single day.

She tells Keith, I mean, “Dick” as she writes, that she only has one email address and accuses him of snooping, threatening that it will only get him deeper in a hole he is digging.

She then said she is an “individual and do not assume or have ever assumed anthers name that is not my own.” Well, he’s never gone by the name “Dick” or “Richard” and yet she calls him those names.

She lets Keith know that she is “no longer married to (her now ex husband apparently), as you have probably snooped around to find out. I have not been married for some time now and IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. MY PERSONAL LIFE IS JUST THAT MY PERSONAL LIFE. It has nothing to do with the raising and taking care of my children. “

HOLD THE FUCK UP: Just 6 days ago she told Keith that what goes on in OUR house DOES concern her if it “effects” her kids. OH WAIT, she was OBVIOUSLY KIDDING because she KNOWINGLY said, EFFECTS and not AFFECTS. SURELY she jests, LMAO.

She also said that what goes on in her house is none of her ex husband’s business. She writes, “So are you happy now that you can dig into my personal life for what reason. Just because you are JEALOUS. I am warning you again and telling you for the best interest and that would be for the kids, that you will stay out of my personal life. I will not tolerate your actions any longer and will seek legal advice to obtain a restraining against you and your family from any other contact than child visitations. My life is just that my life. If I hear of any more incidents where you are snooping into my life without my consent I will sue you.”

OH THE THREATS…Google her name, she’s out there, LOL…


Chat with L

Had a chat with L on Messenger at 9:09 am today. Asked her if she knew that the Talkabout she wanted was also a pager and that she can send and receive emails. She said ok then asked if it will work in her city and told me that if it doesn’t, there would be no point in having it. I told her no, but she was given a toll free number and it would hold her messages for 96 hours (4 days) or until she got into a covered service area. I told her she can use it while she’s in San Diego, there was partial coverage there and she can use it while she’s here in LA. She confirmed she would have to go out of her city, to like a Seattle to check the email.

I asked her if she thought it was like a walkie talkie, or something like that, or did she know it was a pager/email. She said she knew it was like a pager/email but that she would be able to use it in her town, and that if she can’t, and that she would have to go out of her town every 4 days to get her messages, then there would be no point, but when she comes down here, she could probably use it. I told her the areas in WA that are covered areas, and a couple places in Idaho and of course here in LA when she moves back to Cali.

I also let her know that there is a lot of stuff she can use with it, even a voice mail and the rep gave me the instructions to set up her voicemail. She confirmed that she can activate it when she is here, but when she is in her town, she could shut it off. I told her that we have it activated for her now, and that her dad was going to pay the monthly bill every month. Told her we had to activate here because she is a minor, and that her dad will pay the activation bill every month as well. She thought she could deactivate it every month, but I told her it would require getting a new number and go through all that rigamaroll again.

She asked about IM’s. I told her no, just email back and forth. I explained to her what constitutes a message (100 chars/140 chars is 2 messages) and that she is allowed 1000 messages a month. She said “ok, thank you.”

June 13, 2001

OH, this lady is funny!! She sent Keith another email at 7:09am. She writes: “And what goes on in your house does concern me if it effects my kids just like you tell me.”

UM…not when HER kids aren’t here. She is SO MUCH about control. I think that’s what her issue is. She tries to control our house and it’s not happening. She controls her mother and probably her sister and her family as well, but she doesn’t control OUR house, not by ANY stretch of her imagination. That’s HILARIOUS!

She continues to tell him about money situations and says, “Your attitude about this whole school thing stinks.”

She ends this email writing, “Why haven’t you called me back?? Why haven’t you called the kids??? Are you still living at the same address??Are you still at home?? Are you ill?? Are you in a bad situation? Are you being held hostage or prison in your own home?? LOL”

THIS is one of the MANY reasons Keith doesn’t call her, and it’s one of the MANY reasons I call her “Spawn.” She’s evil. And she works with the public. Can you IMAGINE!?

June 11, 2001

Ex is not happy…are we shocked? HA! Are we surprised? HA! ANYWAY… She apparently can’t figure out WHY Keith just won’t fork over any money to her based on her word. She writes, “Why for the 5th time do you need written proof before agreeing to help out? Don’t you believe me?” IS SHE SERIOUS!?

She considers his asking questions about this “plan” as “obstacles you throw out before agreeing.” She can blame herself for that. Then she writes, “It does not say anywhere in any paperwork whether court ordered or not that you have to been given proof to pay for the kids. You and I are not required to provide written documentation of spending. Where do you get this from?” WAIT, isn’t this what child support is for? Doesn’t child support calculate somewhat the extra-curricular activities of the kids? AND, Well, there is THIS:

She then goes on blathering on and on, and adds, “Matters regarding the kids are not set aside by you and your family to be handled when they are convenient to you. Do you do that with the kids that live with you? Do you require proof every time they want something? Do you have to take the time to review the issue about purchasing a toy before giving them the money? Do you tell them that when it is convenient to you then they can buy something? Of course not. But why are you doing that to (Son) and (Daughter)?? What do you stall when it comes to money for their purchases? Why do you require proof before agreeing? Because you treat them differently than those children you live with. Now is that fair??”

She is SO JEALOUS. She is so jealous that there are times we can buy our kids a toy they may want because I do work. I work because my husband has to pay support, and I love working and helping my husband out. OUR kids are almost 8 and 4. HER kids are 17 and 13, BIG difference. PLUS, I don’t LIE to Keith about the cost of things and OUR kids know the word NO, and the phrase, “we don’t have the money right now.”

CRAZY. Just CRAZY how she compares the kids.

June 10, 2001

Keith responded to her email yesterday. He told her, “You called me twice and I answered the call with an e-mail both times. EVERYTHING that leaves this house is from me. QUIT BERATING MY WIFE!…When I receive something in writing as to the cost of the course, then I will be more than happy to contribute to the cost.” He asked other questions, especially about “finance, transportation and boarding” that she asked about.

June 9, 2001

EX emailed Keith at 5:13pm. The subject says “The Kids.” It was only about 1 of their kids, their son, BUT, she has to get her dig in about me first. She writes, “The care of the kids is really between you and I and has nothing to do with your wife at all. So I would appreciate being able to talk with you personally and not having to go through your wife.” Now that THAT is out of the way… LOL

She tells Keith that their son has decided to take a summer session at The Art Institute. She says how long it will be, 3 days, July 19,20, 21. Gives him prices for these 3 days and says that “the money must be there by June 15, 2001….6 days away.

She asks if he is willing to help with transportation, finance and boarding, and she needs to know if Keith is going to contribute some money towards the cost for the 3 days by Monday June 11, 2001, 2 days away.

He NEVER takes her word about money. EVER. She has lied to him over and over again, that if she wants money, she better give him SOME KIND of proof, or give him the information to call so he can find out for himself.

No Info for another source, No Money.


Voicemail message left at 6 pm tonight from the ex.

” Hi Keith, this is J, it’s 6 o’clock on, um, Wednesday night. Can you give me a call back, I appreciate it. Bye.”