Still I Rise (Maya Angelou)

My husbands ex wife hated me from the gate. I really have no idea why. Is it because she never really got over him? I mean, she did say that just because they get divorced legally, it didn’t have to mean the end of them, that she wanted to still see/ date him, she just didn’t want to be married anymore. Was she still in love with my husband? I actually think so. Other things she has said through out the years and and the way she harped on him constantly, gave me the impression she never got over him. Oh sure she would say she hated him, she said he made her hate him more and more each day, BUT, there is a fine line between love and hate, after all.

This woman hates me so much that she accused me and convinced her kids that I was the cause of her divorce from her second husband, even though she lives in ANOTHER state, approximately 1300 miles away. How could I be the cause of her divorce?

Forget the fact that she called the cops on my husband, damn near getting him arrested by lying to them, telling them he had taken their kids out of the county of San Diego and was holding them against their will. He had to prove she and her then husband dropped the kids off for an agreed upon visitation.

I only met her second husband once, in July 1995, the same time I met her. What a first impression that was. I have seen her a couple times throughout the years at visitation time, but I’ve never seen her with her sun glasses off. I wonder why. I’ve seen pics of her, one from 1986 when my husband and her were married, one from 1993 when she married her second husband and she sent not one but two pics of them. I saw a pic of her when she was written about in her hometown paper sometime in 2000’or 2001. Ive spoken to her on the phone more than I have seen her.

This woman wrote an email to me dated March 14, 2002, telling me “ I will be sure to kiss on your grave and make sure it says that you wasted your life on being a bitch and getting into peoples business… you are mean, vicious, vindictive, jealous and just plain ugly.”

This lady has verbally threatened me (via telephone), she constantly put my children down, she’s accused me of impersonating her and her daughter to obtain information on them, AS IF…

So when I read this poem by Maya Angelou, she was the first person I thought of. She tried bringing me down, but she didn’t. She couldn’t.


She emailed Keith this morning at 7:19am.

How can someone wake up in a bad mood? LOL She wrote, “You are really sick and twisted. Act all nice then into the bitch that you are. I merely asked for the credit card number no need to turn into your own parade. I never forged (her ex’s) signature.”

Keith asked, at 8:02am, “why would you think I had your credit card number from 2000? your memory sure fails you about that year. I don’t know who you are calling a bitch, but I didn’t know a man could be one. of course you deny forging (her ex’s) signature, even though it is obvious you did. If you admitted it, you stand more of a chance of being charged with not only perjury, but forgery too. you know, paranoid personality disorder describes you to a t. look it up. hope your day goes better. Keith.”

Just an FYI- Paranoid Personality Disorder | Psychology Today

Her Credit Card

Keith really couldn’t believe she asked about this credit card, 5 years ago. Like…really? He emailed her again at 5:13pm and said that it really made him laugh that she was trying to dispute a credit card charge that she made 5 years ago, and as of last night, she didn’t even have the number for it. He told her that didn’t even make sense. He really felt she was coming at him from another angle, another something to bitch at him about. He asked, “Since when do credit cards offer a 5 year dispute clause? Ask (her ex husband’s name), he may have record of the number. Keith”

He did throw in a few “HA HA HA’s” in his email, wondering what the catch was. She was not happy with his response. She wrote back at 6:51pm saying “Haa haa yourself. I just asked if you had any record of the VISA number- It was closed 3 years ago-The dispute is with the company the charge was made at not the credit card. I no longer know (her ex husbands name)”

Huh?? I mean, really, HUH?

At 8:11 pm Keith responded back, “Doesn’t matter when it was closed. According to your email, you are disputing a charge made in 2000 (5 years later) and you didn’t/don’t even the number. Lucky (her ex husbands name) I bet he counts his lucky starts every day. Wonder if you knew him when you forged his signature on legal documents.” and Keith threw in several HA HA HA HA, because he feels this is a joke.

5 years ago? REALLY?

INCOMING EMAIL FROM THE EX 10:50am- She said she was trying to dispute a credit card charge that she made in 2000, yes, 2000 with a VISA number from a bank and asked if he would “by chance” have records of this number. She said she “may have used it to buy airline tickets.?”

Keith wrote her back almost an hour later and told her that EVERYTHING is packed away and NO ONE here will for it, that we don’t have the time or inclination to help her lookup HER credit card number and wished her luck.

Couldn’t Be Served

Between 9/9/05 and 9/15/05, due diligence was attempted to no avail.

On 9/10/05- tv on, truck in doorway, no response at door.

9/11/05-09:40 a.m.- No response

9/11/05-03:30 p.m.- Sleeping per female occupant, won’t wake him, slammed door.

9/12/05-07:30 a.m.- No response, no truck.

9/15/05- 08:08 p.m.- No response

Can you imagine? He’s SLEEPING and “female occupant won’t wake him”?

2005 Gifts and Things

1-19-05- Keith and Thomas received a thank you card from L. It read, “Keith & Thomas, Thank you! Thank you for the gifts! L” This card was postmarked 1-17-05

2-12-05- Sent L Valentines candy and gift.

2-14-05- 8:19 am a notice was left in PO Box that there was a package. it was picked up/delivered at 11:34 am.

4-18-05- Keith sent a $100 money order for the Sr. Frolic at L’s high school, to POB for School or Contact person.

4-21-05- Sr. Frolic m.o. was delivered at 7:33 am.

5-23-05- “Mr. D” received L’s graduation announcement.

5-24-05- Sent L graduation gifts.

5-26-05- notice was left (7:55 am) in J’s POBox a package was left. Package was delivered at 12:20 pm.

6-27-05- Thomas received a card from L. It was postmarked 6-23-05. It was a thank you card. In it, she wrote, “Thomas, Thanks for the wonderful gifts that you gave me! Thanks for being supportive with my graduation unlike our dad! Well I hope you have a safe summer vacation and always stay out of trouble. Be good for your mom and your dad! Love L” This pissed me off.

At 3:55 pm, I sent L an email. I wrote, “E, Just got an EOB from Kaiser for your (xxx) from February 9th, 2005. The check will be forwarded to you. Be on the look out for it.

DO NOT EVER write Thomas and spread YOUR ill/feelings/ill will for “HIS DAD” ( your words in your thank you card to him) again. A simple thank you would have sufficed. Had it not been for “HIS DAD’s” MONEY, you would not have gotten anything for graduation. “HIS dad” was supportive of your graduation. Problem is, YOU failed to invite him to your graduation and YOU failed to acknowledge the money he sent in support of your Senior Frolic. He probably would have done a lot more had you been a little bit kinder…. Keith’s loving wife, Pat”

6-28-05- sent L her check from Kaiser. Also sent a copy of the email I sent her and a copy of her thank you card words to my son.

6-30-05- Check and things were delivered at 7:58 am.

9-9-05- Thomas sent N a card. It has a duck on the cover. It says “YO!” On the inside, it says, “whath’up, Dawg?” and Thomas wrote, “N, have fun at school. Love, Thomas”

He also sent a card to L. but to Whyoming. Same duck, but L’s card said, “Juth hangin’ out… thought I’d give you a thout!” Thomas wrote, “L, Good luck at school. I love you, From, Thomas.”

this was a package that included pens, pencils, rulers, for N and L.

9-12-05 a notice was left for N’s card, at 9:42 am. It was picked up/delivered at 11:26 am and L’s was delivered in Laramie at 5:46 am.

Filed Papers

Taking Anthony BACK to court. Filed a Notice of Continuance of Hearing today, because I thought I was taking him back to Norwalk Superior, since he’s no longer with the DA, but NOPE, have to go back to L.A.

I’m requesting he add our daughter to his life insurance policy through his employer.

That he is to give me notice within 24 hours of any changes in employment, or benefits coverage of either medical, dental, vision, orthodontics and psychological.

Lastly, because he has a 10 year history of failing to reimburse me for any and all medical and dental expenses, in a timely manner, (30 days after sending in request) that he be ordered to pay an additional $25 per month toward any future medical expenses.

The Kids

So, both kids are now 18+. The ex emailed Keith 8/30/05 at 8:12am, giving him an update on the kids, and asking for money for them. Well, she said, “both of them can use money to help with college expenses or gift cards to Walmart.”

Keith responded at 8:28 am and 8:49am and told her “thanks for the info, It would have been great to see (son) on his way through. again, thanks for the info, I appreciate it, but the kids are 18 and older. If they want something from me, they need to be the one’s to ask. If they don’t want me to know what is going on with them or if they don’t want to ask me for anything, that is their choice. Bye.”

She told him on this morning, 9/1/05 at 8:26am, that he has to call their son himself- call both of them, and at 8:29am that it was “too bad you can’t pick up a telephone and call. What is the problem with their Dad and only their Dad calling them. I have told you over and over again if you called them everyday for a month you would fix these relationships but you can find the time or the effort. You are the parent- 18 and older they still do not want emails, letters and other forms of communication. They want to speak to you on the phone and yet you can’t do that. Don’t help unless they ask-easy cop out for you. I agree and they will never ask you for anything to many strings attached to that, too many demands to be met in order to receive. It is ok that you are not there or them, they are used to it by now.”

Keith told her he didn’t remember mentioning their daughter in his email. He was talking about their son, that he can’t call him when he doesn’t know his number. (9:06am) At 9:14am, Keith asked his ex if she feels better now, after that tirade. He told her he didn’t have a problem, that apparently she did though. He asked, “If it doesn’t the kids that we don’t talk, why does it bother you so much? (son) gave me his message loud and clear last year when I, me, his dad, his one and only dad, sent him a birthday card and he refused it, twice. Guess he didn’t need the money then. (Daughter) told me as late as March this year to stay out of her life (except I did send (daughter) birthday gifts, holiday gifts). She told me the same thing in December 2003. IF you agree, and they will never ask me for anything, and it’s ok that I have not been there for them, according to you three, then WHY do you keep harping? You need help (ex wife’s name). The only one I hear from is you, not them. The kids have voices, and they have spoken, loud and clear. Keith”