November 1990

When Keith and ex divorced in 1990, he had defaulted. He just wanted to be done with her.

November 29, she was awarded sole physical custody of their two kids and he was awarded Joint Legal Custody with rights of reasonable visitation as mutually agreed upon with the Petitioner. It was also ordered that he “shall not remove the minor child from the County of San Diego without the express written permission of Petitioner or further order from this Court.”

He had moved to the LA area, so visitation was mutually agreed upon, he would drive to the County of San Diego or she would drive the kids up.

Keith told me that whenever it was an advantage for her, she would let him see the kids. For example, when she wanted to go out.

In the Spring of 1990, had written him and told him that she guesses he doesn’t miss her, but it was nice to see him. She also told him that “just because they get divorced legally it doesn’t mean have to mean the end of” them, that she would “like to” see him again, she “just didn’t want to be married anymore.”

Child support was $200 per child, ceasing when the child dies, reaches age of 18, enters Marriage, becomes emancipated, or ceases to be in the physical custody of the petitioner. IF the child reaches age 18, unmarried, resides with Petitioner, still a full time high school student, support shall continue pursuant to CA Civil Code section 4704.5, until the child marries, no longer resides with Petitioner, no longer a full time high school student, completes 12th grade, or attains age 19, “WHICHEVER SHALL FIRST OCCUR.”

She was also awarded as her sole and separate property the family residence, all items of furnishings, appliances and personal affects currently in her possession ad the 1986 Nissan 200 SX.

There was also an order that “Neither party shall annoy, harass, telephone or otherwise disturb the peace of the other in at any time or at any place. “

Sole Physical Custody:  A parent with sole physical custody is referred to as the custodial parent.  They have the legal authority to decide where a child will live, although some restrictions might apply depending on the state or if a relocation clause has been signed.

Joint Legal Custody: Under California law, “joint legal custody” means that both parents share the right and responsibility to make decisions relating to the health, education, and welfare of a child. (Cal. Fam. Code ยง 3003.),Joint%20legal%20custody%20is%20very%20common%20in%20California.

4704.5.  For purposes of Sections 4710.9, 4711, 4711.5, 4711.7,
4712, and 4712.5, the director of the responsible state agency
includes a designee thereof, which may, but need not, be a public or
private agency that contracts with the State Department of
Developmental Services for the provision of hearing officers or