Happy Halloween!

I went and bought candy yesterday. I wonder though, how many kids we will have, last year was dismal to non existent, yes, due to covid, but since everything is opened up, I wonder how it will be? I get a feeling there will be a lot of kids this year, at least I hope so, LOL. There’s candy! 😉

Is anyone dressing up? I bought costume makeup, and may have my daughter help me with something, but I really have no idea what.

How have you all been? Good I hope!

Anyway, it’s late or early, depending on where you are. 😉

Have a good night or a great day and until next time…maybe later on this evening.

Be care and stay safe out there!



Back to Center

A question I thought of yesterday: when you’re stressed or full of anxiety, what song brings you back to center? For me it’s this one: youtu.be/xnyh6i9NvmE

Let me know your song 👍🏻👍🏻


Real life. If we are having a conversation, and suddenly the answers to questions I ask are met with “I don’t know…” That tells me the conversation is done.

A hard lesson to learn is that some jobs don’t accept “no call, no show.” not even once. Just because it was done in the past and one has gotten away with it, doesn’t mean one will get away with it forever. Learn the lesson.

If one was supposed to go on vacation, and ended up not going on vacation and your boss says, “Oh good, come to work then…” it’s not an attack. Maybe they are just looking out for you. Not everything is an attack. If you need money, and your plans changed, why not take a couple days off for mental health and then go back to work? If not, fine, but not everything is an attack, especially if one asks to borrow $100. Right after going back to work.


Undoing a dysfunctional parent’s hold on you. – Parental Alienation

A trauma bond is the type of emotional attachment that forms between abusers and victims, such as narcissistic parents and children.Trauma bonds are forged over time as a narcissistic parent trains a child to respond in particular ways to feed their ego and narcissistic needs.Untangling oneself from a trauma bond with a narcissist can be…
— Read on parentalalienation-pas.com/2021/07/03/undoing-a-dysfunctional-parents-hold-on-you/

My Dream

I know dreams only last for a few seconds. Well, that’s what I’ve been told, and this was that long but it was an AMAZING few seconds.

In my dream some time this morning, my son’s best friend since Kindergarten was over and as he ran past me he asked, “Auntie! Where’s Thomas?” I said, “In his room.” and his “brother” took off.

Suddenly, I see my son running past me, as well as our cat. I yelled, “Hey! What’s going on!??” My daughter looked at me, and took off. Our Cat jumped into the window sill, and my son ran up to the closed window and slid it open, and yelled “DAD!”

As I turned the corner, I see, CLEAR as Crystal, my husband, in full form, full color! My son and his brother climbed out the window, and my daughter and I ran outside to where my husband was, ran up him and hugged him, kissed him, kept touching him, asking him if he was REALLY here, if I was imagining this, because I knew he died, we ALL knew he died, but here he was, in the flesh, with his glasses on, saying he was alive, “they” had to tell me he died. I didn’t question who “they” were or WHY they had to tell me that, I was just glad he was there… and then I woke up.

It was really good to see my husband, looking healthy, smiling that smile of his.