I tweeted a response to my former stepson. I wrote:

“S0 N D, you did your drive by post on FB to me, then you cowardly blocked me. There has been no contact with you since sometime between 2000 and 2001. Against my husbands wishes, your mother was notified by me of his passing, because I didn’t know know how to get a hold of you and your sister, since you both refused to have any contact with him for many years. After your sister telling my husband, “Why don’t you F*ck off” it really took all that I had not to even let you know, because I KNEW you didn’t care.

My husband and I had a son, who happens to be your half brother. He still wonders about you and your sister, but after your drive by post yesterday on FB and your sister blocking him on FB, when he friend requested her, he now sees what your dad experienced for may years, the shun, disrespect, and loathe. He wanted to email himself, but I told him to never mind, that you are going to do/say what you want, when you want and be a coward and block.

SO, do not ever think that you can just do or say what you want when you want about me, my son, because as I have stated before, I have NO PROBLEM, putting your bullshit and nonsense on BLAST….

hope 2010 brings you happiness and growth and wisdom. “

On FB, I noticed that Thomas’s half brother and their cousin were friends. I thought how nice it would be if Thomas could be friends with his siblings and other family on Keith’s side, and wrote on the cousins wall that Thomas had friend requested his half sister , but she instead blocked him, probably thinking it was me and that it was stupid.

My stepson responded with, “I wonder why she would think that??? Maybe…just maybe because of ignorant stuff like this.” Then he blocked me, LOL. I guess he thought his comment would be pulled when he blocked me. 😉

I responded to my former stepson with, “Don’t use (cousin’s) page to spread YOUR hate….I just stated fact, FACTS are not ignorant, ignorant is how YOU just responded…No one responded but you.”

I deleted this comment and the one about my son’s half sister.

My opinion…it is stupid. My son wonders about his siblings every now and then and he is innocent about all that happened between those two and my husband. WHY they hate my son, who knows, but he now couldn’t care less. He see’s them for the way they are and that’s ok.

At least now he (former stepson) has me/us blocked. WOO HOO!!