There was a big earthquake in WA, 6.8! I called the ex and kids to see how they were.

I called the ex at her work, the woman that answered the phone said

Employee- (Ex) was trying to get ahold of (her husband) but I think she would like to speak to you!

J- Hi

P- HI! I just got home and saw the news! I was calling to see if you guys were ok!

J- hung up.

February Letter

Between Jan. 26th and Feb. 13th, I sent Anthony 4 letters, giving him updates. Sometimes I write monthly, other times, weekly.

I wrote a letter to him today, 2/14/01, letting him know what she’s up to. I also told him that she was finally getting over this cold we have been “sharing”, UGH. I let him know that her “asthma has been really acting up though and that she has been taking her inhaler a lot lately, poor thing.”