Got a message earlier that all my notes to the ex on Classmates were “hidden.” I don’t know if SHE did that or if Classmates did that, but they are all hidden.

What I found funny was that the ex also posted today that “Classmates is a public site-no privacy features. In an effort to protect my identity I have limited the information for public viewing. Please contact me by private e-mail.”

Yet, when checked, her “story” has where she lives, where she came from, what he city is like, what she does for a living, how she is active in her community, about her family.

Go figure.

What I noticed as well, amongst the nonsense, was a note written by the ex to her 2nd ex that she is apparently engaged to again. This note was written/dated June 29, 2008. She titled it “I was thinking about you” she goes on to write ” I am very much in love with you and have been for the last 30 years. I love living with you and being engaged for the last 2 years. You will always be first in my life.”


On another episode of Classmates Feud…. LOL…. SO, the ex responded to her one friend that commented on her stalking notes. She told this friend, “thanks for the support.”

I had read her note from yesterday about the things you see. I copy pasted it onto my notes and wrote: “Friends, the above was written by my husbands ex wife to her best friend. J (the ex’s name) started (or in my case, has decided to continue) her harassment and accusations against me on or around June 23, 2009, however I was just made aware of it June 30th, in two emails sent to me. I contact both my and her local police dept. regarding her continued harassment. I posted the “enough” and “Cease and Desist” letter on her classmates profile due to the fact that the two email addresses I have for her are no longer good. I also included her local pd in the email. She has since deleted the posts I sent her and the above was her response. As instructed to do so by the police dept, I will continue to “document, document, document” her harassment.

I have nothing to do with her and certainly do not stalk her. As requested before, if she or her friend B (M-U) (bestfriend’s name) or any of their friends from El Cajon Valley High contact you, please let me know asap. Thank you in advance for your help! Patricia”

She Continues…

Today, the ex wrote in her Classmates note section that “you see the strangest things happen when you are too nosey into others lives. B (her best friend) you were right- ha ha jealousy will rot your soul, along with guilt and envy. Looking forward to seeing you soon and toasting our victory.”