Court Date

We go to Court on March 25, CCW. I am required to attend. I will be there, I didn’t follow through a few years back, but it’s been 7 years. It’s about time.

SOS Different Day, New Year

This lady, MAN, she can tell Keith that I can “butt out” and she can say that she doesn’t want me writing or calling the kids, or be around her kids, but she thinks she can talk about me and mention me EVERY GD time she writes Keith. What is her DEAL?

January 27th, today, she writes Keith and says that she “has not caused friction between him and the kids,” that HE “has managed over the the course of 12 years to do this” with his actions, “your wife’s actions and just plain not listening to who or what your children are.”

SHE wouldn’t let him talk to his kids about anything, SHE was their mouth piece, already putting it in their heads that he wouldn’t listen to them so SHE had to speak for them. When she DID allow them to speak to him, they would parrot what she said, mostly their daughter would, and when it came to just talking with them about what was going on, Nothing was going on and nothing was new. He’d hear from his EX at times what was happening, of course bringing up the prices of things they are involved with, and if he would ask the kids about something she said, she would accuse him of invading their privacy, or being nosey, or whatever. INSANE!

Letter from CSSD

They are reviewing my order for an increase in support. They ask me to fill out the attached Financial Statement (simplified) and return it within 2 weeks if I am interested.

Well, of COURSE I will. It’s been since July 1995.

I also enclosed a letter stating that Anthony is court ordered to pay one half of all uncovered medical expenses as part of Child Support. I stated he paid $110.01 towards past due expenses, but still carrying a balance of $274.64 as of 12/31/01.

I requested that the Court impose an amount due from Anthony, to have this balance paid in full and to continue that amount every month thereafter as it appears that Anthony will not reimburse these expenses willingly.

I returned the financial Statement and letter on Jan. 18th. CSSD received it today.

To My Stepdaughter

Earlier today, I sent her. via USPS, a Winnie the Pooh and Piglet card on 1-3-02. Piglet and Winnie were hugging each other and it said, “thoughts of someone nice are the smiliest kind of thoughts.”

I wrote:

” Dear L-

Happy New Year!! I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the presents you sent to Thomas, Sarah and I this Christmas.

Your kindness and thoughtfullness mean a great deal to us.

I hope you have a great year full of great times, lots of laughter and tons of love!!

Take care and we love you lots!!

P~ and kids.

In this same card, I wrote a note to the Ex and stepson. I wrote,

” J & N,

Thank you very much for your part in helping L get my kids and I Christmas presents. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.



2001 Gifts Sent, Received and Returned

January 19th- received a letter from the kids. Postmarked 1-16-01. Addressed in J’s writing to “Richard & family”. From L, she wrote thanking Keith(Dad) for the gifts he sent. She “enjoyed the candy, camra, cotton candy and the $70 at JCP’s.” She bought 2 pairs of pants and a sweater.” To Sarah and Thomas, she thanked them for the nail polish and the green lipstick. She said it turns green on her lips. I think it was supposed to turn another color, LOL. ANYWAY, she thanked them for the clips. To me, she thanked me for everything and the gift certificate to JCP. She signed the note, “Love Always, L”

From N- he wrote “Dad, Thank you for $170.00 at JCP” and that he bought 2 pairs of shoes which he really needed and a pair of pants. He also thanked his dad for the FLOOZ money and he got several CD’s with it. He said, “Thank you very much Love N”

2-13-01- sent the kids a package. A notice was left for them on 2-15 at 1:30pm. It was delivered on 2-16 at 3:38.

4-12-01- sent the kids a package. It was delivered on 4-16 at 3:24.

6-15-01- On 6-13-01- we bought L the weblink wireless 2 way device-Talkabout T900 that she requested for Christmas 2000 ($159+tax= $172.79). Mailed it today, insured.

6-17-01- notice was left for the present at 10:20 am.

6-18-01- an attempt to deliver L’s birthday present was made, today, on her birthday at 2:55pm but a notice was left again.

6-20-01- L’s package was delivered at 11:22 am

10-19-01- received a copy of an auto insurance bill with 2 cars listed. One is for N. ($134.63)

10-22-01-sent N a money order for $45- 1/3 of his auto insurance.

10-25-01- letter with N’s insurance payment was delivered at 2:32 pm.

10-30-01-Sent kids package- Halloween candy, and a money order for N for the ACT Test expense. ($25).

11-3-01- package from 10-30 was delivered at 12:22 pm.

12-14-01- sent the kids their Christmas presents.

12-18-01- Presents delivered at 1:13pm

12-31-01- received package from L. It contained our Christmas presents. The package was postmarked, 12-27-01. It was addressed by L, to “Dad and Family D”. it contained 2 hats, 2 pics of L, 1 pic of N, 5 belt buckles, 2-1966-67 medals, and a bag of cookies. It also contained a package of army men “irresistible attack” for Keith, “Infantry” for Thomas, and hair ties and clips for Sarah. L’s card read, “Sorry it’s late, Happy B-day May your holiday be merry and bright. L Love ya”