Come Again?

My stepdaughter emailed me back today regarding the pics I sent her yesterday. WTH? She writes, “Hello…Well thank for the pictures.. but um I don’t want any e-mail from you i have no need to talk to you and no reason i think my father wanted to send me pictures then he would them on his.. and not on yours.. i appreciate you sending them but iif my fahter wanted me to see pictures of my family .. then he should send them and not YOU! (her name)”

WOW, where did that come from? So I responded.

“Hi (her name), how sweet of you to write. No problem (her name). I will let your “father” know. Your “Father” and I were talking about and thinking of getting time made into other pictures for you and put them in frames and send them to you as a gift, but I am sure you can figure out how to do that. I sent them to you with his blessings, so I will let him know how much you “appreciated” them. Great to hear from you. Take care and enjoy yourself. P”

Absolutely crazy. There was no reason for her to respond this way. Quite frankly, it “sounded” like her mother wrote it. Same syntax.


I was going through pics from Thanksgiving 2002. I emailed about 3 to my stepdaughter, today. I hadn’t really emailed her, didn’t really think anything of it. Things had been going on with my son and I just had him and other things to take care of.

SO, I sent this pics via email, they were of her nephew, her older half sister and their grandpa. Another pic was of her older half brother and their grandpa, and then another pic of her nephew, her grandpa, two of her cousins and her two older siblings. Not a big deal, I thought she would like to see them so I emailed them.

2nd Email This Morning

The ex was on a roll and emailed Keith again but at 7:10am, like 3 minutes after her first one.

In this one, the subject was “harassment”, she writes:

“you cannot find the spine to answer my phone calls because your wife has your life in her hands and will not let you do anything without her approval.

I will get what I want here despite what you do.


Choose another location- Denny’s in El Cajon is what (daughter) would like.

I am not agreeing to anything you are telling me or harassing me with.”

WOW, isn’t SHE the pot calling the kettle black. This email AFTER she sends the previous one, LOL….dumb.

“stupid, stupid, stupid”

She seems to be unraveling. Ex emailed Keith this morning at 7:07 am. She addressed at like this:

” Richard, Dick, Keith, (ex wife #1 name), (ex wife #3 name) and Fat (Me- current wife She always calls me names),

This is so stupid and continues to prove that you don’t have the guts to talk to me.

DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT text message my cell phone or call my cell phone unless it is an emergency. If you continue to text message I will change my numbers all of them and file a report with your police department, El Cajon Police Department and (her city) Police Department.

I can call after 8:30 because you know darn well no one is in bed and if so they are not near a telephone. 8:30 is early for anyone and using my cell phone you know it is me and I guess you don’t have to answer. You are on the phone when I call.

I called on Tuesday evening and you refuse to take the call. You are so spineless. You have to have your wife send my text messages and e-mails because all you can do is hang up the phone.

No we are not in agreement of the ridiculous visitation you have conjoured up. We are not talking about small children or a custody battle here. My court papers don’t say anything about where, when or how she is to get to you for visitation.

You have not reimbursed me for half the transportation costs and are still contempt for back child support.

You have no right to tell me where to pick her up or drop her off.

At this point she won’t be at the police department on the 13th. She will choose another location this evening when she calls you. IF you don’t agree then you are denying yourself visitation.

You have made this so difficult and I would be surprised if she stays or even goes with you.

Today I will be beginning the process of the restraining order against your wife from being any where near our daughter. I am afraid that she will harm (daughter), physically, mentally. She has no rights towards our daughter and cannot make any decisions regarding (daughter).

If you are your wife cause her to be upset, cry or make her angry, hurt her physically, or harass her mentally I will have you arrested and will obtain and restraining order.

You had better stop your crap now. I am warning you and if you feel threatened that is your problem.

I have a plane ticket already purchased to pick her up if you cause her any problems. I am going to protect her from your abuse. You continue to abuse her and harass her as well as myself.

She originally wanted to go to your house but is now becoming more and more scared and afraid of you and your wife.

Keep this up and you will loose.”

My GOD, this shell of a person….

Phone Calls

The ex called after 9pm tonight and last night. Keith sent her an email about this…setting boundaries.

He wrote, “(ex’s full legal name), First of all, DO NOT call my house past 830pm AGAIN, unless it is an emergency. It is the second night in a row that you have done this. Last night you called from your cell phone, two times between 914 and 915 and neither time did you leave a message. Tonight you called (from your cell phone) my home 3 times between 923pm and 925pm. Your harassing phone calls are not wanted. Have a little consideration for other family member in my home that are sleeping, like the minor children that live here.

I will be at El Cajon Police Dept. like we agreed and like you told me on June 23rd when you called. I will be there on July 13th at 12pm. If (daughter) is not there, like you threatened in one of your 3 phone calls to me tonight, between 923pm and 925pm, then that is on YOU and your mother since she is the one dropping her off.

If (daughter) is not there, then I will let those people that need to know that I was denied visitation again and that you constantly and continuously interfere with my visitations.


he cc’d his ex mother in law as well

Still On Summer Visitation

Of course I am to blame for the reason Keith’s daughter doesn’t want to come visit. His ex sure projects a lot, but that’s a known given, so we just consider the source.

She emailed this morning and told Keith, amongst other things, that his daughter “At this point I am afraid for my daughters care in your home. As proven by at least two visits to your home that she was mistreated by your wife and you. She left on her own after you upset her and she does not have to stay with you or me for the matter if she is upset… she makes her decision to visit based on your actions and the way she is treated at your home and by your wife…the rest of your family would be in agreement to this and charges can be filed against your wife…Why doesn’t your wife and you get another hobby and quit wasting your time and my time on researching and filing and complaining. Can’t you do anything better with your life.”

Charges filed against me? for what? LOL…Funny how she constantly threatens to file charges and yet…never has. She knows she has no case. She knows we/I have a case against her and I don’t think she wants to go down that road.

What does ” the rest of” Keith’s family have to do with this? Just like HER family has nothing to do with anything, neither does his.

By the way, the reason for her email is because his ex told Keith that her mother would be the one to drop off their daughter. Because of all the harassment Keith has received, and now it’s coming from her mother, he said he would make the exchange at the El Cajon PD. His ex had told him that PD is HIS chosen place, not her daughters, so she will let her daughter “chose the place” that this was not up to Keith at all. She told him “If you keep this up you are going to upset (daughter.)”

Keith responded with an email citing Penal Code’s 277, 278.5 and 784.5 He told her at the end of the email “I told you, and I WILL tell you again, I am not playing your game. If you want visitation changed to suit you, then it is up to YOU to change it, not me. I am only looking to ENFORCE what I already have, and don’t get. YOU are the one that told me on June 16th, 2002, that you would be contacting your attorney after you moved to change visitation. You did not. There is still a court order in full force and effect regarding visitation. YOU are the one in contempt of that order, beginning the summer of 2001, (when (daughter) left early, because you enticed her with the fair), and continued Christmas 2001 (denied), Spring 2002 (denied) Summer 2002 (denied). It is all documented. My attorney has been made aware and the El Cajon police dept has been made aware too. That is it, and that is all. Keith CC: her attorney”

Their daughter was not a part of these emails, so Keith told his ex, “Lets get one thing STRAIGHT right here and right now. IF THIS is all upsetting (daughter), maybe you, (ex wife’s name) should quit talking to her about it. I know I am not talking to her about it, which is what you do all the time, and is a VERY big reason why she has the attitude she does concerning me. The Truth of what I am saying will come out. It always does. Keith”


Penal Code 277

Penal Code 278.5

Penal Code 784.5