This reminded me of Keith- his kids hadn’t seen him for years, yet when he died, at least one boo hoo’d the entire Memorial Service. The one that told him to basically fuck off, that she didn’t want him in her life, the one that told him to quit calling, quit emailing, etc. the other 3 kids (all 4 were 18+ in age) were stoic. Did they (all) attend just to make sure he was really dead?



Takes Me Back…

The year was 1995, when Keith could only and barely afford a paralegal- after a horrible start to an otherwise kinda/sorta decent summer visitation with his kids, his ex took him back to court out of spite. She refused to discuss visitation with him. She was only interested in an increase in child support, and blamed me for her u reasonable actions:

Crazy Morning

So, I’m on Spring break this week. I woke up this morning, knowing I had to go get a TB test done for work before Monday, the 17th. Did that. Then, since I keep getting reminders, I figured I’d go do my labs and get RX refills, and buy a few things that I need, that are probably cheaper at the pharmacy. Did that, HOWEVER…

While I was waiting for my RX, I saw a name on the RX pick up screen that looked very familiar to me. It was the exact last name, first initial of one of my coworkers. I didn’t see him anywhere, so I texted him the pic and asked if he was here. Then my name popped up, right next to his and I took another screen shot and sent it to him saying, “even on break, you can’t escape me!” LOL

As I was talking with the Pharm tech, I was telling her about my co workers name. She asked me where I worked, and I told her. She said, “I have a friend who works there, in Special Ed.” I said “OH, so do I! What’s your friends name?” She said, “Lisa… she waited a few seconds and said the last name and I was FLOORED! I said, “YES! I’m in her class!”

To add to the craziness.. the Pharm tech’s name is Patty. Who do you know that is “Patty” or Pat, or Patricia? ME! Also, my former stepdaughters name is Lisa too, and I had a dream with her and her family in it recently.

Soooo crazy! So how is your day going?


Spring Break 2023

Today is my first day of Spring break. Spent the morning with my daughter and her pup, well, 3 year old pup, at the dog park. We were the only ones there, it was nice.

Afterwards, we brought Pup home and my daughter and I went to Walmart, as I needed a couple gardening things.

I paid bills, got gas in my car, and now will bring in the trash cans, go through papers to file, trash or shred, and continue this road all through the week.

It will be a good week. Hope you all are good and either had a great Spring break and will have a great Spring break.



Keeping her eye on the ball 🥰👍🏻