Fw: Spiderman and Friends

(email sent to my stepdaughter at 2:42pm- it was a forward as I received it from a friend)

I wrote to my stepdaughter:
“Every time I see this, I crack up! I am not sure if there is supposed to be music, but this is cute I think…:-) I don’t know who all “Spidey’s ” friends are, do you?

Thomas tried to call you earlier. He was looking at pictures of you and N, and wants a lot of the ones we have in his room, so we are putting them up. He said he misses you and wanted to talk to you. The first time we called, it was busy, then we called a second time, a few minutes later, and the answering machine came on. Oh well, maybe next time. P~”


(email written to friends, family, stepdaughter and her grandmother at 11:23am)

“Well, said to say there are only 2 more games left…:-( Todays game was good, it was back and forth until the “Yankees” pulled ahead and stayed. The Reds lost 15-8. The coach for the Yankees did say that the Reds are doing much better too, so that was cool!

Sarah played 3rd base, short stop, and all outfield today. She also hit a line drive to the pitcher, dang it, and he had to catch it! She also hit a single and a “half home run” as she said. It was a double! LOL! 😀

She woke up this morning telling me she didn’t think she should go to her game because she had a little more sore throat and a tummy ache…so for breakfast, she had cheese popcorn with Jalapeno! I told her if she can eat THAT, she can play her game! LOL 😀

This is about it for today! I haven’t gotten pictures yet…hopefully next week! Nothing like getting them when the season is over. Seems so silly to me, but oh well… I don’t make the rules!

Have a great day and rest of the weekend!! Love ya all!! P~”

The Day in Sports…

(email sent to friends and family, including Stepdaughter and her grandma at 12:38pm)

“Good afternoon!!

Hope this letter finds you all doing well!! 🙂

Sarah had an early game this morning. 9am! She is now napping! she had a busy game! She played outfield, pitcher and when she played 3rd, she made an out! I think it surprised her even! LOL

I missed her one and only at bat this morning! GRRR I was at Smart and Final getting snacks for the team. The parent (the manager!!!) was supposed to bring them today, but she went out of town and didn’t tell anyone…swell!! Coach said I was the “emergency snack mom” today! 😀

The coach and I spoke after the game and he was real happy with Sarah’s “game.” 🙂 He did remind her that as a pitcher, she has to remember to get back into the circle ASAP, and also to watch who has the ball. She wasn’t paying attention, and the 3rd baseman threw the ball to her and she had her back to the teammate. Needless to say, she dropped the ball and a runner advanced. 🙂 but thats ok…

Other than this… thats the day in sport! Well, Big Daddy Keith just got home 🙂 :-)! He is on a break, so I got to go. Just one of the perks of us moving to Downey and him working in Downey! LOVE IT! 🙂 Have a good rest of the weekend all!! P-

“My spouse and I had words last night. Too bad I couldn’t use mine.” JH 7-8-02″

Another Saturday

(emailed to family and cc’d to stepdaughter and her grandmother at 5:14pm)

“Good afternoon!

I am trying this again! I started to write this when we got home this morning, but I was just totally wiped out! Long night early morning, so a nap had to take precendence! 🙂

The day started off with Pictures…what a zoo! Sarah’s game started late, so consequently, her game was called due to time. 😦

Anyway, I think the Reds played their BEST game so far! They lost 10-9, but WOW, what a game! IT was actually back and forth all game, and the A’s last at bat, they scored 2 runs to make it 10-9. They really tried today and it really showed!

Sarah hit 2 singles today and she was happy. She was telling the coach that she really wants to play infield instead of outfield, and he said ok, and stuck her in left or right field anyway, but he did say that he would try and start moving players around to different positions. She is really frustrated, but she is a trooper and doesn’t stop trying.

Thursday after practice she was VERY upset and frustrated cried all the way home from Thompson Park, and continued crying after getting home. I just let her talk it out, and she seemed to feel better. She knows she is better than a couple players on her team, but she is stuck outfield, so we shall see what the future holds!

Thats it for today! “Big Daddy” just got home so I gotta jet! Have a great weekend!!!! P~”

July 9, 2002

Ex emailed Keith telling him that she can not and will not force their kids (ages 15 and almost 18) to visit with him. “The decision is theirs and I will not force them to visit and I can’t….They have some bad feelings toward you and your wife based on previous visits and experiences…You did this to them and I warned you this would happen. Good luck, why don’t you try calling them once a day for a week and see if that helps.”

Happy belated 4th!

(Sent this at 9:23am to my dad, sister, friends, and cc’d stepdaughter and her grandma)

“Hi everyone!

hope you all had a great holiday weekend! We went to a friend of ours house for the 4th for a bbq and pool party. Have a great time! Sarah and Thomas swam in the pool most of the day! Thomas did real good with the floaties on. he was “swimming” out in the middle are of the pool and was so proud of himself! He STILL wouldn’t get his hair wet!

Sat. Sarah had a game, an early one this time, 9 am. They lost. I think our score keeper stops keeping score after awhile, which is kind of irritating, but oh well…Sarah grounded out and hit a double. She played left/center field and made a couple of great fielding plays!

Saturday night, we went to another friends house (in the “prison compound” where we used to live) for swimming and a bbq again. Got home late but had a lot of fun!

Sunday morning in children’s church, Sarah and Thomas had choir practice and at night, they sang in the children’s choir at church during the “International Sunday” service. They were too cute! afterwards, there was “food and desserts” from all over…Germany, Nigeria, Africa, good ol’ USA, China, etc. I tried to find a Portuguese restaurant to pick something up for Sarah to take, but there are NONE around here. Sarah was disappointed of course, (she is Chinese/Portuguese as well as Mexican…My “Portunese Mex” baby!) but I told her I would look up some recipes and we could try them.

Here we are are, Monday week! A HOT one at that! UGH! Time for the beach!

That’s about all the news here! Have a great week and stay cool!

Love you all!



(sent this email to my sister, my dad, friends, and CC’d my stepdaughter and her grandma, at 8:32am)

” It was a fun and busy weekend. Saturday, of course was a softball game. The Reds lost (another) game, 17-6 😦 to the Dodgers. At one point, they were ahead and at another point it was tied. Sarah was up only twice this game. She hit a double and grounded out. She was all too happy when the coach let her sit out their last time out field. They had 11 players and only 10 are allowed on the field.

We had an umpire that was not very Fair, I guess is the word. He would call our players out for throwing the bat, but not the other teams, and there was another call he called our player out for not running when he really didn’t have to. HOPEFULLY next week they will win. Hopefully, the Reds will win at least ONE game! LOL!

Pictures are July 13th, so I will be sure to either scan them or send them out to you.

Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week as well! Til next time…