June 19, 1998

EX was LIT that Keith changed his mind regarding their agreement with the Court Counselor. She called AND wrote a letter, postmarked June 22, 1998. Keith told her it was NOT my idea, NOT my fault that he changed his mind, and that the “agreement” had been all in the Ex’s favor and he wasn’t going to discuss it anymore.

Before Keith had court, he was doing his investigations of his ex and her past. He asked me to help him, as he would be working, so I did. The ex got wind of it. In his letter she wrote, she wrote that I was invading her privacy, which was a joke. I didn’t pass myself off as her friend either as she said I did. Every thing I did and the person I spoke to are all a matter of public information. It makes me laugh that she tattles on me, as if Keith didn’t know what I was doing. ANYWAY….

About the agreement they made with the Court Counselor, and Keith changing his mind, she accused Keith of lying, saying, ” you signed a copy of the agreement, then you walked back in 5 minutes later to change your mind. Why did you lie and fake an attempt to work it out? what a waste of time that was. You were too nervous, of what? this is our kids live we are talking about. I feel sorry for (the kids) because they don’t get any voice in this at all and you are going to force them to do things that they do not want to do.” (UM, didn’t she TELL Keith to take her back to court?)

She went on to say she wanted to know if he knew I made phone calls to San Diego. Of COURSE he did, LOL he’s the one that gave me leads to go by. Then she goes on to lie:”I also asked you if we could work this out about visitation several times and you ignored me and told me to shut up. I kept stating that I wanted to work this out so that the judge didn’t have to. ” then she got WAY too funny! she said, “You said you knew about the calls to San Diego. You asked her to call so you could get her more involved with my personal life. You also said that after she had made the telephone calls you both discussed me and how much we used to love each other. You also talked about how you did not want a divorce because you still loved me.” LMAO, actually, what he told me happened was, she was getting ready to go out on a date, and she asked him if they could get back together and he said, “Not only is it a no, it’s a HELL no!”

She told him that on June 18th, just yesterday, that I called their daughter while the ex was at work. It was, after all, her birthday. The Ex said I had no right at all calling the kids, and that if I want to talk to them, I can when and if they visit. She demanded of Keith that he not let me call her house again that I have no reason to. I am not their parent and that I have continued to cause hard feelings in her home and all of them, including the kids do not want me to interfere anymore.

She spewed a lot more crap then said she called a second time today and I told her Keith was eating and hung on her. She said I claimed he would call her back, which in fact he didn’t and she called back two hours later and Keith was still eating, and I had hung up again and didn’t let her speak to him. Well, she did call and I did say he was eating and asked if he could call her back, she didn’t answer, so I said, “He’ll call you back” and I hung up. She did call again, and I told her he was still eating and asked if he could call her back, she was quiet, so I told her he would call her back, and I hung up.

He was eating, but more importantly, she just wanted to hassle him. THAT was a given.

Letter from L

Keith got a letter from L today. she dated it 6-20-98. It was postmarked June 22 and June 23. She asked how he was doing, and that she was fine. She told him Happy Father’s day and apologized that she did not give him anything so she was writing this to him Happy Father’s Day. She wrote, “I love you always.” She asked about Thomas, that she bet’s he’s fine. She’s so funny, she wrote, “He just a little godzilla or JR. godzilla” LOL. she said she had to go now that she will call soon to, and to tell everyone she said Hi. “Love L” with a bunch of X’s and O’s.

Met with Court Service Counselor

YIKES! Keith agreed to something he shouldn’t have. His attorney immediately contacted the OTHER party’s attorney and said NOPE, wrong, not agreeing to anything. Contrary to popular belief, It wasn’t MY idea he change his mind, it was his attorney’s because it wasn’t what Keith had requested in his declaration and it his attorney’s job to protect Keith’s rights.

Scheduled another hearing for July 1, 1998.

L Birthday

Sent L a $15 check and card for her birthday on 6-15-98, then another gift came for her yesterday that I sent to her today. Her birthday is tomorrow.

In a card I wrote to her apologizing that it arrived late, but we didn’t get it until late and it was ordered 4-5 weeks ago. I told her that we will be celebrating her birthday as well as N’s and Sarah and Thomas’s when they get here and that we will have another present for her then. I told her we can hardly wait, we were sooo excited. We hope she has a great birthday and to always remember and never forget that we all love her very much. Take care, God bless her, and talk to her soon.

Declaration of Ex

The ex filed her declaration on June 15th, 1998. Of course she wants more support. She also countered visitation with 4 weeks during the summer, alternating Easter vacation, each and every Fathers Day and alternating Christmas vacation. Keith requested SHE pay for all visitation transportation she she moved with out of state with out his ok or the authorization from the court. SHE’S requesting they “share equally in the cost of transportation.” She also lied in her declaration.