Round Trip Airfare

“Hi J-

Here are the Round Trip tickets we purchased yesterday for the kids.

Thank you for your time and conversation throughout the day yesterday, as they say, “It was a pleasure doing business with you!”

Keith, Sarah, and myself are so excited about seeing the kids! Time can’t go by fast enough!! I just looked at the calendar it’s 3 weeks from today!! SO close and yet so far!!

Anyway, Keith is just about out the door to go to work, so I’d better quit writing! Thanks again- Patricia

P.S. Could you please call when you get them just to make sure they got there fine. Thanks!! P-“

($338 total and Keith took them to work to mail off)

Tickets-Phone Call

A few minutes ago, at 6:14pm, I called J and left a msg on their answering machine. I told her we got them and will express mail them tomorrow. I told her Keith wanted to also speak to the kids, if should have the kids call back.

Kept it short and simple.

Letter from L

Keith got a letter from L today. She said she “stared soccer today” that it was fun and she wished he was there to see her. She ask him how work was, if it was ok, school for her was fine and she “don’t have much to say now.” She did say she “forgot, say hi to evey one.”

Sweet note.

It is too bad he can’t be there to see her. Wonder if her mom would record her playing and send something. Probably not.