Christmas Card

Got a Christmas card from the kids today. It was addressed to “Keith & Family”. Inside, they wrote, “To Dad + Family” and signed the card. L wrote, “Love you, L” and N just signed his name. It was postmarked 12/21.

Presents for N and L

All N wanted for Christmas was gift cards from Zumy’s, Old Navy, GAP, Millers and Penney’s. Keith got a money order for $110, equivalent to what he would have spent in Gift cards.

L was sent gifts she wanted.

ALL sent today.

Presents from N and L

Received a box from the kids today. It had 2 stuffed animals for Sarah and 2 for Thomas, from both N and L. The box also contained Keith’s birthday and Christmas present as well as my Christmas present. It was mailed 12/10.

December 7, 1998

This letter is dated, 12/7/1998, and it was received today, 12/12/98.

Still on the insurance kick, she writes, “You have absolutely no reason to contact my insurance company. All problems or questions are to be addressed to me so that I may contact my own insurance. Your wives impersonation of the children’s mothers is a prime reason for that as well as my insurance information is private and none of your business. Your telephone calls to (her insurance) were on 11-6-98. I did not receive the E.O.B until the 10th of November- NO reason to call-“

His wives? WIVES? LOL…Isn’t bigamy against the law in CA? WA?

She wrote, “No apology is necessary except to the (her kids names) for the poor excuse you give for not wanting to take care of them unless you are living with them. What an advantage the children living in your home have because you undoubtedly care for them without question.”

When I looked her up on the internet to learn about her, she is involved in the Kiwanis club, President of the club even, and she talks about kids like this? If she does it against mine, it’s not a far reach in believing she’s done it to others. In fact, I know she has talked about her sisters kids.


Postmarked 11/30/1998

I don’t know if this is the day she wrote this current letter, but it’s postmarked with that date. It was received today 12/3/1998.

She told Keith that on 11/10/1998 she “telephoned several times because I wanted to speak to you about the kids and the doctor’s appointments. Your wife hung up violently each time I called she never even said hello…What happens in an emergency when your wife is so violent and mean and she hangs up and interferes with my telephone call to you regarding the kids?…Another fence put up by your wife. She continues to build as many fences and walls as she can between you and the children….Furthermore it is you and your wife that are causing all the conflict just ask anyone who knows you and your wife.”

She goes on to talk about the kickbacks she was receiving from her insurance. Her insurance would pay their percent on claims and many times, send her money out of a COB account. Even though the bills would be paid in full, she would still bitch and complain about Keith not paying half of what is owed, when nothing was owed. What’s half of ZERO? -ZERO?

ANYWAY, she said, “what are you complaining about anyway I was receiving money back from the insurance companies. How did you know what I was receiving and how do you know the exact amounts? I will tell you and your attorney how, Your meddling, nosey, doesn’t have a hobby so she chose (ex’s name) as a hobby, nothing better to do with her life wife, called our insurance company and impersonated me. She told them she was (the kids) mother. When I spoke to the insurance company they apologized for being lied to by your wife and giving her information. I stopped (her husband) from going to visit you about this matter….” (a threat?) She also said that if she and her husband find out we “ACCESS OUR MEDICAL INFORMATION AGAIN WE WILL PRESS CHARGES.” go for it, we never access their medical information. I call for the status of claims.

“Any medical claims and information regarding his medical insurance is between the insurance company and us and it has absolutely nothing what so ever to do with you and your wife.”

“your doesn’t have a hobby except the (ex’s name) hobby wife finally did something right by sending in the paperwork as she had been told several times and continued to argue with me and tell me that I was doing something illegal and she would report me. Oh and by the way thanks for the profit from the insurance companies….and since your wife feel the need to meddle into our insurance company why would you need written verification of EOB’s when you obviously already called and know so much more than you care to share. ..You have caused this every bit of it and the truth is you and your wife are making things difficult. Reach down and grab hold. Why don’t you grow up and tell your wife to get a different hobby other than (ex wife name).”

I used to work in the private insurance dept of a company I worked for, and called every day, different insurance companies, to find out the status of claims for patients. THIS lady is the only one that ever took issue with it. I don’t think she or her husband understand how this works. I wonder if she is like this with her husband’s ex wife. WOW, to be a fly on THAT wall to hear their conversations, LOL.