Resent Letter

I resent the letter to Anthony that he refused. I added another note to the original. I told him not to have his carrier cover for him. There was nothing for him to sign so this should not have been stamped UNCLAIMED and it should not have been sent through the CFS aka Central Forwarding System. The reason the Post office was unable to forward it was because he hasn’t moved therefore there is not change of address (forwarding order) on file. I told him he must have forgotten that I was married to a mailman and am currently dating a mailman. 😉

Refused Letter

I wrote Anthony a letter postmarked 9/18/10. I was just sending him pics of Sarah with a few of his family members that she was able to meet. I told him that she has been interested in meeting his side of the family for quite sometime and that thanks to social media, Facebook, we were able to find one of his sisters, her daughter and several others.

I let him know that she was able to meet his sister and her daughters in February, of this year and just last weekend she was able to meet more Aunts and cousins. She was enjoying meeting her family.

I also enclosed a pic of Sarah and her boyfriend, telling him they have been dating for over a year.

I got it back today 10/9/10, checked unclaimed. say WHAT?

I talked to Kai about this and he said, ” The letter was refused. At some point, Anthony handed the letter back to the carrier and said he refused it but didn’t want it documented as such. There is no signature required, so it should not have been stamped UNCLAIMED. Since it was put directly in the mailbox, it should not have gone through CFS (central forwarding system) because Anthony had not moved and there would not be a forwarding order on file.