Summer Visitation 2001

SO, Keith got the kids on July 21st. They were supposed to stay for 5 weeks, from the 21st of July until August 25th.

His son stayed until the 25th. His daughter though….She left on 8/15 PISSED off.

Keith and I has asked her prior to the 15th, if she was going to to go the fair in her home town. She said she didn’t know. Keith asked her frequently what her plan was. She couldn’t give him a straight answer.

She was in our room, on our computer and as Keith was talking to her, he had seen something she wrote one of her friends. She told whomever she was messaging something to the effect that she “didn’t know what was wrong with my father.” The fact that Keith addressed her about it, she got pissed and accused him of reading her email.

According to what we knew, the Fair started on 8/14 and ends on the 18th, so she has a few days to go still.

We had to pay 50.00 to change her flight.


(email sent to Stepson, cc’d Keith at 3:19pm)

“N, I forgot to add you to the list when I sent this e-mail to your mom about the appt.



“Never go a day without laughing” “

August 17, 2001

The Ex didn’t like my email. She emailed Keith. “There is no reason why Patricia needs to be e-mailing me. You are the parent of (son) and (daughter) and if they need medical attention it should be you who takes care of it not your wife.”


Does She Really Care Then?

Checked email. I see that J emailed back in response to my email to her regarding her son and the pain he was feeling, doctor visit, etc.

She emailed at 5:51 am. She wrote, ” Do not e-mail me again.”

WOW…color me NOT shocked.

N- same pain

Sent J an email at 12:39pm, CC’d Keith and my self.

” HI J-

N had been complaining of his ***** hurting (even as recent as last night while driving to the airport) real bad and he asked on Monday to be taken to the doctors.

I took him today, the doctor took xrays, and said, “(blah blah blah blah)”, he showed N and I the xrays and gave him some anti inflammatory medicine and recommended P/T.

I asked if he could recommend someone in WA, but he didn’t know of anyone. Patricia”