Angel City Chorale

Last night this Chorale group had a virtual concert on YouTube and it was AMAZING! I’ll post the link. Watching it, I sang, I laughed, I cried, and it really put my in the Christmas spirit! It was just beautiful!

The link is good through the early part of January, so make sure you watch it!


The Exes and The Wife…

Keith and ex wife #1 were married 11/26/1969. Their son was born 25 days later. About two and a half years later, their daughter was born, in July 1972. Ex wife #1 started divorce proceedings in July 1977, and they were divorced by May 1978.

Keith and ex wife #2 were married 6/2/1984. Their son was born 3 months and 3 days later. A little more than 2 and a half years later, their daughter was born in June 1987. They separated August 1989, and their divorce was final 11/29/1990.

Keith and I were married 5/18/1996. He was raising my daughter as his own. He had told me when were dating that we would never go anywhere that she could not go with us. He was the only Daddy she had known. Our son was born 5/22/1997. He was a planned c-section since my daughter had been an emergency c-section in August 1993. While I LOVED being pregnant, pregnancies were hard on me.

Keith and I didn’t separate. We didn’t divorce. He lived the rest of his life with me.

The Beginning-1994

I met my late husband in 1992, when he was living with my sister and her husband. We didn’t start dating until 1994, due to prior commitments, but I always knew we would get married.

When I was free, my baby daughter and I moved in with my sister in March of 1994, in fact, it was my birthday weekend. Keith and I started dating seriously, the summer of 1994. My daughter started talking and immediately started calling Keith “Dada.” I would correct her and say, “No Sarah, That’s Keith.” Eventually, Keith told me, “Don’t correct her. If she wants to call me Daddy, let her.” Amazing. Keith knew that her biological father was not in her life, and HE wanted to take up that torch.

I knew Keith had been married a few times. When telling his/our story, I’ll be referring to his ex wives as Ex Wife #1 and Ex wife #2. I knew he had two kids with ex wife #1, and he had two kids with ex wife #2.

In 1994, his two older kids with ex wife #1 were already young adults when I came into the picture, oldest son was going to be 25 and oldest daughter was going to be 22, and she had a son of her own. These two kids and I were cordial to each other. Their relationship with their Dad was what it was already, before I came into the picture. They saw each other when they saw each other. I never questioned it.

In 1994, his middle two kids with ex wife #2 were minors. Their son was going to be 10 and their daughter was 7. It is the mother of these two that we had all the trouble with, literally, from the time she knew I was in the picture until 3 months after he died, but I’ll get to that as time goes on.

To be continued…..


“KELLY: One fascinating and horrifying takeaway from all this, for me, reading your article, Barb, was how much in the end this actually isn’t about the kids. It is – it’s two parents who often are divorcing, and one just decides, I’m going to destroy the other, and I’m going to use the kids to do it.”



I just saw this on Facebook, and reading it, reminded me so much of my late husband’s ex wife. THIS is Parental Alienation.


It wasn’t until recently that I realized I may have PTSD due to the experience I had dealing with my late husband’s ex wife. I’m not diagnosed by a doctor, but reading and thinking gives me that impression.

Here is another great article talking about our experiences and PTSD.

Well, Hello There….

Hi, Patricia here, aka “PisceanGal”. I am starting this blog because I always said I wanted to write a book on what my late husband and I went through dealing with Parental Alienation and all that comes and goes with it. A friend suggested I start a blog, “seriously.”

I am blogging publicly because maybe my experience can help someone else who is going through the same thing I did.

I’ll be sharing stories of my experience, and I will be telling HIS story as well.

I am a big believer in Father’s Rights, I dislike Parental Alienation, and I believe the Courts should acknowledge when PA is introduced with proof, in a divorce/custodial case.

Of course, my past doesn’t define me, it’s just a part of me. Having said that, I will be posting about my life now and what’s going on in it.

I have always believed that journaling is very cathartic.

Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy!

Make sure to comment on anything you so choose.


Two Types of Alienated Children

WOW, I had never heard of Ryan Thomas until today. This article is at least 5 years old, but it is so relevant, even for today.

I NOW know that my former step-kids were a little bit of both types, a little bit of the Oblivious and a little bit of the Hostage. As I was reading this article, I could clearly see in my minds eye when these two types of alienated children were ever present.

A real “AHA” moment. Be sure to click the link to read.

Let me know what you think. Can you relate?