Insurance Billing

One of the things I noticed early on was the way the ex billed for any services rendered to the kids.

She had an agreement with the providers that she would either pay in full at the time of service, or agree to make payments while a claim is being processed through the insurance. ALL the while, the ex felt that Keith should pay HIS half BEFORE the claims have been properly processed through both insurance companies. HE was like no way. SHE was like, “it’s not fair, you never pay for anything, I pay for it all, you should too while it processes, and blah blah blah..” She even said she would reimburse him should she ever be over reimbursed, which was a joke. ANYWAY.

There was a claim from Sept. that hadn’t been paid yet, and it’s now November. I called our insurance to see if they had even gotten the claim yet and they said it wasn’t showing in their system. So, I filled out a claim form and sent it to them today.

Keith knows it will take 30-45 days to pend, pay or deny a claim.