Grandma Called

The kids grandma called at 4:58pm. She hung up then called back at 5:02pm and left a message, asking Keith to call her back.

The kids Grandma accused Keith of calling her yesterday, from her mobile home park. He told her no way, he doesn’t even know where she lives, that he called her from the payphone of her local PD and she can call and speak to the Sgt. he spoke to at the time.

She was just insistent that he called from her mobile home park, that she had called the operator to check the number that showed up on her phone and it was traced back to her M.H. park. Keith told her unless someone ELSE called from there, but it wasn’t him and he wouldn’t lie to her, he has no reason to lie to her.

Just crazy. I don’t know if she believed him or if she believes he called from the gate at her park, but whatever. I was with him and I KNOW where we were when he called.


Her Local Paper

Seems she’s kinda well known in her town. She was quoted in her local paper regarding Identity theft, and talked about what the biggest safety precaution to take would be.

I’m not sure what what Keith read, but he sent her quote to her and said, “And you yelled at me about this very thing and your town paper couldn’t get it right! HA HA HA! I gotta thank them for the laugh.!”

this morning at 0716am, She responded, “this has NOTHING to do with our children and is an invasion of my privacy. I will be getting a restraining order against members of your family from being near me or my children.”

HUH? what does one have to do with the other? She was quoted in a public paper. How is that an invasion of her privacy? A restraining order for what? LMAO

Summer Visitation 2003

Oh well, lookie here, the ex sent an email to Keith, and cc’d her mom and her mom’s husband and her daughter. WOW….

Aside from that, this woman is just rotten. this email she wrote, she told Keith that their daughter changed her mind to visit from 7/13-7/27, and she wanted to stay with him during this time.

She said if she had to, she, the ex, will get a restraining order against ME from being within any distance of her daughter and her. What a goddamn wingnut this lady is.

She goes on to spew more, then tells Keith, “Reach down grab hold and talk to me on the phone or don’t bother at all….Back off or you will loose her just like (son)”

She’s always had a problem with word loose and lose. SMH….

She Doesn’t Stop

J called Keith at 8:37 pm, from her mom’s number.

P- Hello?

J- Keith there?

Keith got on the phone and of course they argued.

J- You have lost your children because of your attitude!


9:10 pm- J called after receiving a text from Keith

Keith- Hello?

J- what’s going on?

K- what do you mean what’s going on?

J- what’s going on with text message on my phone?

They argued more.

K- you need some real mental help, you know that?

J- Yeah and it will come in 2 years when she’s 18! J hung up..


9:12 pm Keith called her back.

9:22 pm- J called Keith back from her mother’s phone, just RAGING, and now she got her daughter involved and got her daughter all upset. They first agreed he would get the kids from 6-29 to 7-13. J changed it to 7-13 to 7-27. Keith told J he was going to drive down on the 29th to pick up his daughter. If she wasn’t there, he would file a police report ad contempt charges at the local PD, and have her thrown in jail.

J told her daughter this information. When L spoke to Keith, he said she was very upset and crying.

J got back on the phone because her daughter just handed the phone to her, and J said to Keith, “You happy? Don’t ever threaten to throw me in jail again!” Keith did remind her of the summer of 1995 when she called the cops on him and almost had HIM thrown in jail because she LIED to them.,as%20a%20proximate%20result%20of%20an%20emergency%20response.

Going To The Doctors

This woman is SOMETHING else… GOOD LORD.

J called Keith at 10:14 am.

P- Hello?

J- Is Keith there?

P- Nope

J- Well, I’m taking (SD) to the doctors and she hung up.

I called (SD)’s phone number and got the voicemail. Then I called J’s phone and she hung up on me. I called J again.

J- Hello?

P- Is she ok?

J- OBVIOUSLY NOT if I am taking her to the doctor!

P- What’s the matter with her?

J- I don’t think it matters to you- I’ll talk to Keith when he wants to call me back.

P- You’re a bitch! I hung up.


6:45 ex called again.

P- hello?

J- Is Keith there?

P- handing the phone to Keith, “It’s J” I tell him

She has issues. She’s pissed that he sent a letter to her, addressed to her and all the last names she’s ever had. She’s pissed that she called this morning and it is now 7 pm and he has not called back. She hates our insurance, calling them a joke, bit quality care, it’s OK, it hasn’t changed in 15 years and it’s just a mass produced medical. She paid $35 out of pocket, $25 for rx and $10 just to go in. She said (SD) has a sore throat, just wanted Keith to know, and that it’s probably similar to what J has had the last 3 weeks. Keith ask where his daughter was and J said she was in the back seat of the car. They argued, and J said of ME, “Let me tell you a few other things, I don’t have to tell anything- I don’t have to tell her SHIT!” She asked if he was ready to “settle up” with visitation, and Keith just laughed and told her how he felt, settle up? Nothing to settle up, she tells him when he can see the kids and how long, etc. He just waits for her to let him know. She said she will have to get to her mom’s and look at a calendar.


8:35pm- J called back and left a message.

J- Richard, this is J, calling you back about the um, visitation. bye.

8:50 pm- Keith called J back. She has to call him back.

9:25pm- J called Keith. He can have the kids from the 13th to the 27th, pick up and drop off in San Diego.


J called Keith this morning at 9:34am.

K- Hello?

J- Hi, it’s J, if you would like to speak to either of us, just call us. Please do not text us anymore

K- you ordering me?

J- No, kids always have their phones, unless battery dies, it’s just better that way.

Yeah right. Wonder why he can’t text his kids, and is forced to call on their landline phone. Let’s see, is it because she is recording the conversations? If that’s the case, SHE would be breaking the law because WA state is a two party consent and she NEVER sent him a formal letter telling him of her intent, like HE did after the July 1995 fiasco.

  • Washington’s wiretapping law is a “two-party consent” law . Washington makes it a crime to intercept or record a private telephone call, in-person conversation, or electronic communication unless all parties to the communication consent. See Wash. Rev. Code ยง 9.73.030 (1) .