Her Local Paper

Seems she’s kinda well known in her town. She was quoted in her local paper regarding Identity theft, and talked about what the biggest safety precaution to take would be.

I’m not sure what what Keith read, but he sent her quote to her and said, “And you yelled at me about this very thing and your town paper couldn’t get it right! HA HA HA! I gotta thank them for the laugh.!”

this morning at 0716am, She responded, “this has NOTHING to do with our children and is an invasion of my privacy. I will be getting a restraining order against members of your family from being near me or my children.”

HUH? what does one have to do with the other? She was quoted in a public paper. How is that an invasion of her privacy? A restraining order for what? LMAO

Summer Visitation 2003

Oh well, lookie here, the ex sent an email to Keith, and cc’d her mom and her mom’s husband and her daughter. WOW….

Aside from that, this woman is just rotten. this email she wrote, she told Keith that their daughter changed her mind to visit from 7/13-7/27, and she wanted to stay with him during this time.

She said if she had to, she, the ex, will get a restraining order against ME from being within any distance of her daughter and her. What a goddamn wingnut this lady is.

She goes on to spew more, then tells Keith, “Reach down grab hold and talk to me on the phone or don’t bother at all….Back off or you will loose her just like (son)”

She’s always had a problem with word loose and lose. SMH….