Spring- Keith and EX agreed she would keep the kids.

Summer- DENIED– EX told Keith she “Did not know the people you are living with and you are unstable in your living conditions.” It was the EX that changed the plans and said she would use the $400 towards Christmas visitation.

The TRUTH is, Keith had sent ex $400 Cash to buy the tickets for at $198.00. She even sent Keith a quote dated 3/29, from Pioneer Travel that states “14 day adv. low $178, high $198* *commence travel after 06June no limit on length of stay, no fee for child on direct flights.”

Winter- 4 days- Out of the $400 Keith sent her for Summer, the ex used $248($124/each) for airfare for both kids. She pocketed the $152. He was to have two weeks, from 12/17 to 1/2. He moved late November. EX cancelled HIS visitation with the kids the first week of December, because he moved. She called during the time he was moving and was told that he no longer lived there. This was misinformation because Keith was still moving out when he had gone back to the old house to get the rest of his things, and he was told she had called. When he called her back 2 days after her phone call, she told him she cancelled his visitation because she “couldn’t find” him.

He was hurt and he was angry. He eventually got to spend 4 days with his kids, out of the two weeks they were in California. The rest of the time was spent with their grandmother, a woman afraid to go against her daughter for fear of not being able to see her grandkids. Imagine.

This was when I first met their two kids, who were 10 and 7 years of age.

Keith and Daughter Dec 1994
Me and Kids December 1994