February 1996

On or around Feb.8th, 1996 ex wife#2 called around 630pm. Amongst things she complained about, one of them was that the kids school had called her and told her that they had received the authorization letter from him, and she asked Keith if he “was going to let just anyone call” and she wanted to know why he did this. He told her several times that it was none of her business and that he only authorized one person to call and she relented and said, “Ok.”

On Page 2 of Ex wife#2’s 8 page letter dated 2/10/1996 to Keith, post marked 2/12/1996, she wrote, that the time Keith has with his kids, he “leaves them with someone they don’t like,” meaning me. We have never heard this from the kids, thus far, only from her.

On pages 7 and 8 of this letter, she wrote that Keith giving me “authorization on legal matters serves no purpose except to be embarrassing to your children. Each person at the offices you sent the authorization to got a good laugh at how ridiculous you both are. How insignificant and petty can you be?”

This letter was in direct response to her “statement” threatening legal action against anyone giving me information on her kids.