Yeah….Um, NO….

“Ummmm…. get a fathers right lawyer and get that shit fixed 50/50 means you have split everything there shouldn’t be child support…”

I saw this on a FB post. I had to chuckle. This girl believes this. Obviously didn’t even BOTHER to look it up.

Having 50/50 custody doesn’t automatically mean, “there should be no child support.” LOL

Both income’s play a part as well. if both parents make the same amount of money, then it seems child support would be zero, but if one parent makes more than the other, then child support will be due. Remember that. Look up CA law. SMH…..

Check this out: “

How Is Child Support Calculated in 50/50 Custody Situations 

There are two main factors that courts use to determine child support in California: custody and income. If parents have a joint custody arrangement that results in the child spending 50% of their time with each parent, then custody is less of a factor in this calculation. However, a 50/50 child support arrangement does not mean that neither parent will be required to pay child support.

Instead, the court may consider the income and earning potential of both parents. The spouse with the higher income may be ordered to pay child support, even where they have equal physical custody of their children. 

This may seem unfair, as each parent has an obligation to financially support their children. However, placing an equal financial burden on both parents may not be just in many cases. For example, if one parent earns a high income working in finance, and the other parent works as a teacher for a relatively low salary, putting an equal financial burden on both parents may result in a far heavier burden for the teacher.

California’s child support laws are based on the principle that each parent is obligated to support their children financially — according to their situation. More importantly, child support isn’t a punishment for a parent who is required to pay it. It is meant for the children and is ordered in the best interest of the child.

Of course, there are situations where a 50/50 custody arrangement may result in no child support. If each parent has a similar income and they split custody evenly, then there may not be a child support obligation for each parent. A San Diego child support lawyer can help you determine if you will be required to pay child support based on the facts of your case.”


So I was expecting to get back everything from the Process Server, thinking they were unable to serve the girl.

Turns out, they served her.

It was either July 13th or 14th when I let the social worker and those involved (except for the Mom) know that I had started the process of filing for an R/O.

On 7/22, I sent attorneys, social worker, and DCFS an email letting them know the TRUTH as I knew it, since the social worker wasn’t quite forthcoming in her report to the court. I also stated that it seems the Mom and teen have been tipped off because their house is locked up like Fort Knox, and they are not answering the door. I had also let the Process Servers office know my opinion.

Suddenly, on 7/23 at nearly 630am, she, the teen was served, in the presence of her mother.


Let’s see what happens when we go to court next week.


Protecting The Child

Click to access define.pdf

It’s crazy how CPS/DCFS CHOOSES their cases. I’ve seen where a black child was taken from their Father, with the Father being accused of “neglect” because he wouldn’t allow the child to do he wanted when he wanted without consequences, and Ive seen where an adoptive mother turns her eyes to what her adopted Indigenous 15 year old daughter is doing definitely without consequences, while allowing/wanting DCFS to raise the child.

If it’s about protecting the child/ren, why has the 15 year old Indigenous child not been removed and is still in the care of a parent who does the bare minimum? The parent states she does what she does (the bare minimum) to “keep the peace” so the child doesn’t “lose it and destroy her house.”

Makes no sense. The only thing that makes sense is that it’s a racial thing.

A Little Late, But Here Goes It…

On July 8th, I got home from work around 1pm. I changed, and walked outside to go walk next door to my fiancé’s house. Before you ask, yes, he really lives next door. LOL. ANYWAY…. I’m walking behind my car when I hear this yelling and not really sure where it’s coming from until I came from behind the car and see that it’s my neighbor’s daughter. THEY live across the way from my fiancé’.

This girl is 15 years old. Her mother has no control over her. She does what she wants when she wants with whomever she wants. Case in point. On July 13th, a young girl whom I have never seen before, walks out of the neighbors house. My fiancé and I had just gotten home from his PT appointment and we were talking in the car. This young girl is clearly hiding something in her jacket and she seems to be recording my fiance and I. When I asked my neighbor who the girl was, she had no clue. She said she had no idea that anyone was in her house, as she was staying in her own room with the door closed. Seems her mother wants DCFS and the system to raise her, but DCFS is trying to close their case. Back to July 8th.

So the 15 year old is having a fit, yelling, screaming, cussing at me, flipping me off, telling me to kiss her ass, that she’s going to beat my ass, calling me names, you know they usual, “fat ass, fat ass bitch”, the usual names I get called, by adults (my late husband’s ex and his daughters), an adult male, (the ex wife’s second ex husband) and 15 year old’s. CRAZY. It’s not the first time the girl threatens to beat my ass, but hopefully, it will be the last. Ironically, while I don’t think she has been served with the R/O Order to appear in court, it’s been extremely quiet over at that house. Did I mention that this girl had been arrested for assault and had been on probation, that I believe just ended a few months ago? OH yeah, and as I did a name search for her, I saw that another one of her “victim’s” so to speak, had filed for a R/O against her as well, but the case was dropped because the 15 year was not able to be served. Apparently, according to her mother, she was in a placement home, and the other person didn’t have the address to where she was so she couldn’t have her served. I have no doubt, the mother was of no help either.

What this 15 year old did as well was mention my late husband. Laughed that he was dead, he’s in the ground, she was going to piss on his grave.

Mind you, all I did was walk out of my HOUSE, minding my own business.

How pathetic that this girls mother is so afraid of her that she doesn’t even bother with her except to take her to go get food, or buy her eye lashes, etc, just to make it look like she’s “trying.”

The Sheriff’s Process Server has until 7/29 to serve this girl. We go to court in early August.

I have a video, because when she started threatening to beat my ass, I started recording her. Also, another neighbor sent me videos she was able to get off her cameras from her house.

Just Unbelievable.