May 7th, 2001

The ex emailed earlier, at 8:20pm. Once again she accuses us of “attacking the kids verbally” last Summer. She wrote, “You don’t care about unpleasantness as proven by your out rage at them personally, attacking them verbally with your wife while they visited.” She’s referencing this time:

In this email she also asked, “Where does it say that needed your permission to move, or for that matter the courts permission to move? I consulted with an attorney and was told that I had to give 30 days written notice and I did I actually gave you 3 months verbal notice that I was moving. did you even mention or try to tell me not to go. ” Well…here is the law on that….,work%20out%20a%20new%20custody%20or%20visitation%20agreement. According to Keith, she had to go before the Grand Jury in the “Westbrook Case” in San Diego and she told him if anything happened to her, he was to take the kids. Then, She told him in early February 1993 that she was moving to WA and getting married on the way. THAT was his notice. She left late February as she and her new husband stopped in Las Vegas on the way to WA to get married around the 20th. THAT was his notice.

April-May Letters

Between April 4th and April 30th, I sent two more letters. More of the same.

Today, May 2nd, I sent Anthony copies of school work that we got for last week and a softball picture of her.

I also added something else. “You know, I have been doing some thinking lately and as of now, I think it is best I no longer contact you about her. It is OBVIOUS that you have no desire to contact, see or know about your daughter. This is something I have known for 7 years now, (almost 8 years) but always held out home, dumb, I know.

You have your wife and her kids to keep you busy, and my husband has been a WONDERFUL daddy to Sarah for 7 years now, and for now, this is all Sarah needs to know.

In time, I am sure I will have to tell her about you, but I also think at this time, is NOT a good time.

I am sure you and your wife and her kids are REJOICING, not to mention your sister and for as sad as that is…it is your decision to stay away and My decision and RIGHT as my daughters mother to protect her and her feelings and emotional well being.

The only think you will receive from me in the future will be STRICTLY pertaining to Court ordered things…Uncovered medical expenses, receipts, that sort of thing, but any thing else will no longer be told yo you or shared with you!

Take care, God bless and have a great life. Patty”