Visitation 2001

Spring-1 week- Got the kids from 4/2-4/6- had to share time with ex’s mom. She got the kids from 3/31 and again from 4/6-4/7

Summer- 5 weeks– with (Son)

3 weeks and 4 days– with (Daughter)*

last time he saw his son.

Winter Break- 2 weeks DENIED- Kids vacationed with their grandmother and their mother in San Diego. They returned home 1/5. their mother was in town from 12/29.

December 9, 2001

Ex emails at 904am telling Keith that their “children, (Son) and (Daughter), based on their previous numerous visits for the past 8 1/2 years, and because you are working are refusing to visit you for the mandatory required visit of Winter 2001.” SURE, blame it on the kids.

Then she tells him, “I never stated I would cause a conflict if you tried to get the kids from the San Diego airport. I was referring to the kids.” Really? Because in her email yesterday, she said that if he showed up at the airport to get the kids she would pick a fight with him.

The kids are now 17 and 14. Ex tells Keith in this email, “In the meantime I am going to California, and the kids are going with me. If they decide while we are here that they would like to see you or your family, I will make arrangements to do so. Until then I am sorry it has come to this and hope you find peace to let our children make their own decision about which parent to live with, which parent they want to spend time with, when they want to spend time with that parent, and any other decision regarding parenting.” The kids going with her has ALWAYS been her MO. She just throws a lot of smoke and mirrors up to “play” like she’s “Trying.”

OF course, she can’t write an email without mentioning me. She goes on to say, “One other thing, I will get a restraining order to keep your wife away from me and the kids. This based on her initiating harassment, causing conflict and for the protection of the kids. I feel she is capable of hurting (Son) and (daughter) and has proven so in the past.”

LMAO!! WHAT A CROCK, THIS from the woman who tells me she didn’t take her meds one day and that she was going to be on MY door step and I had better be afraid and that she was going to continue to threaten me until every inch of my body was shaking. UM, sounds like SHE is capable of hurting her kids, and she CONTINUES to hurt them by continually blocking them from seeing their dad, and throw false accusations towards him and I and telling the kids how she feels about him and I.

She ends this email with, “Bring it on was your response from a previous email. I so agree. Last time you brought it on you chickened out and lost. The kids will loose on the whole thing. You can waste everyone’s time in a court room with your accusations and I will walk away still being the custodial parent, and I will get more child support and a parenting plan that works for the kids. Be care what you wish for, you might just get it.”

December 8,2001

The ex seems to think that EOB’s that say THIS IS NOT A BILL, is actually a bill and she want’s HALF, BY GOD! Keith asked her, “What is HALF of ZERO?” The claim hasn’t been processed through the insurance companies, but because SHE starts paying on the bills before they are processed through the insurance, she wants half of what she pays as her agreement to the provider. CRAZY, huh? That’s not how it works in the real world.

She didn’t like Keith’s response, so at 11:40am she whips off an email, accusing him of losing his memory as well as his sanity.

Her last two sentences she writes, “Get a hobby and get off of me. Find something productive to do like taking care of your special family.”

SUCH a HATER she is, and so evil.

At 7:35pm she writes again, accusing me of writing one set of e-mails and him writing the other. She goes on and on about the visitation that was to happen at Christmas, when Keith agreed to the 1 week visitation and the other week the kids are with her mother, and how the kids ALLEGEDLY said that there was no point in them coming if he has to work. She tells him, “Quit fighting me, in fact, leave me alone.” Something she also wrote was, “I was trying to work out a compromise between you and the kids. It doesn’t matter now because the kids said that they did want to do that arrangement either.” THEY DID WANT TO DO THAT ARRANGEMENT, but SHE seemed to have put the KIBOSH on it.

Keith wrote her back at 9:03pm, documenting that he will not be getting the kids as court ordered for Christmas. He told her that she KNEW in July that this was what was going to happen and she she still strung him along and agreed to a proposed plan in November.

He documented that the kids were staying him, but then she turned around planned HIS court ordered visitation with HER and her family in San Diego. She accused him of ruining her vacation plans because now she has to “drag” the kids with her, but then she tells him that if he insists on seeing the kids during the week they are in CA, during HIS court ordered visitation, she will leave them at their home and if that wasn’t bad enough, she told him, “If you show up to the airport, I will pick a fight with you!”

OH, but she says she’s never denied him visitation. What a crock.

She had also told Keith that she would be taking him back to court because she wants college money and an increase in support, insurance money for the car she bought her son who has no job, believing she would get all this because her “situation” has changed since she is now a single parent with one income.”

WELL, APPARENTLY, this is not exactly true. Legally, if Keith did not agree to pay tuition in the original judgment or in any subsequent modifications, it won’t happen, that the types of support she THINKS she will get, will only happen if Keith agrees…and he doesn’t.

December 6, 2001

SO, at 7:56 am, the ex sends Keith an email regarding the kids Christmas “wish list.” She says, amongst other stuff, “Why don’t you just send money since you are the ATM dad. Or better yet gift certificates work great too and you don’t have to mail packages. Whatever your wife decides for you to do would work…I am tired of you giving me a hard time over issues your wife starts. You do whatever you think is best if the kids don’t like whatever you send, they can send it back and you can keep it like you always do. Remember that they are 14 and 17 years old when buying their gifts.” There is a story behind that real snide comment of hers about keeping gifts like he always does. I will write about that later.

Keith sent his ex an email asking her since when is asking for the “status of claims” causing trouble. She was ALWAYS accusing him of being in contempt of court for allegedly not paying his share of uncovered medical expenses, but refused to sent him copies of EOB’s from her insurance. She EXPECTED him to just go by what she told him his share would be. He was like, “NOPE, not gonna happen.” He didn’t say those words, but that’s the gist.

Of course, she made an issue out of us calling her insurance to find out the status of the claims, because it had been time, if not passed time, that the insurance should have paid. Because she was so unreasonable, he told her he won’t ever ask again. He told her, “So you can take the MEDICAL EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT FROM KEITH off your WAYS TO CONTROL KEITH ISSUES.” She didn’t like that at all. She wrote back at 8:50am this morning, her second email this morning, mind you … “THE ONLY PERSON WHO CONTROLS RICHARD IS PAT. SHE CONTROLLED SO MUCH SHE DROVE HIS OWN KIDS AWAY, SHE PUSHED SO HARD AND THINGS THAT DID NOT CONCERN HER SHE WAS SO JEALOUS SHE MADE SURE HIS KIDS INCLUDING (ADULT son and ADULT daughter he shares with ex wife #1) DON’T COME TO SEE HIM.”

How crazy is THAT? LOL The oldest two kids were ALREADY adults when I came into the picture, their relationship with Keith was what it was. I had nothing to do with it. We saw the kids when it was convenient for them and Keith. One was married and then divorced and one was doing whatever she was doing with her own son young adult son.

THANK GOD for pictures, LOL.

Merry Christmas

I wrote the kids two e-mails this evening. The first one was at 9:09 pm. It read,

” Here is a picture of my niece Jennifer’s newest pet! lol!



The second one was sent a few minutes later, at 9:15 pm. It read,

“OH yeah…his name is WINSTON! LOL!

P~ talk to you soon!”

(It was a hamster.)