N- Drivers ED

emailed this to J- at 12:04 pm-

“Hello J-

Keith asked me to do him a favor and call DMV this morning. Here is what I was told.

N needs to show proof of drivers edu. from WA that allowed him to get his permit there.

He cannot have 2 permits or 2 licenses for 2 different states.

He has to have a permit in CA for 6 months (showing residence) before he can be eligible to test for his license, OR he can wait until he is 18.

It would be better to go through this whole process in WA since he has already started it there and then if he decides to move to CA he can get his license converted to a CA license by taking the written test.

Just wanted you to know.


June 15, 2000

in this email the ex wrote Keith, “First of all the e-mails are addressed to Richard not anyone else….” A few sentences later, she writes, “Keep your personal comments to yourself . And tell your wife to do so too.” HA! The ex was emailing about their son driving and college. How did I get involved? LOL She wants Keith to help their son get his permit here in CA even though he lives in WA and taking college courses in high school. The kids are supposed to be here in a few days.

she tells Keith that “part time of full time parenting is no different” that his responsibility to the kids is the same and that continuing with their education while they are with him and supporting their activities remains the same whether they are in WA or CA. she tells him, “don’t let the kids sit home everyday doing nothing, learning nothing, help them out with their lives and the choices they make.” Well, he can talk to the kids about their lives and their choices, but getting them into summer school here and getting their permit here is really not possible since their primary residence is NOT this state. Why doesn’t she understand that?