Good Morning

“Hi L & N,

Hope all is well with you. Thomas really enjoyed talking to you the other day. He asked about calling you for a week or so already! Hopefully he will be able to talk to you again! He just thought that was the greatest thing! He told Colleen his “girlfriend” that he got to talk to his “big sister” and he was just smiling away! He loves you!! He was bummed that Dad had hung up because he wanted to talk to you too N, but dad told him you both had to eat dinner and you L, had to get off the phone. Maybe next time…

His team (the Lakers) practice on Friday nights and play on Saturdays. Last Saturday, if they kept score, they would have lost, thank goodness they don’t keep score! 😉 He wants to join to join the childrens choir at church. They youngest age is 5, and since he will be 5 in a couple months, they might let him.

Sarah is doing good. She is looking forward to Spring break and no school hard to believe that school is almost over! Her class is going on a field trip on Monday, the 25th and she is real excited about that! They are going to the IMAX theater and a museum in Los Angeles. Her basketball team won ;ast Saturdays game too, 25-?? I forget right now, I think 25-18 or something like that. So the Mavericks are 4 for 4! She will join the childrens choir at church, this is something she REALLY wanted to do for a long time.

As you heard, my stepmom passed away last Saturday. She was only 63. She would have been 64 this year. She is my dad’s second wife to die. I feel bad for him. They were married nearly 33 years. Am I happy she died? No, not in the least. Granted we had our ups and downs a lot, but she is/was the only mother I had ever known, since my own mom died when I was 4. My dad is doing ok at the moment, it’s tomorrow that I am really worried about. The funeral is tomorrow. It has been a pretty rough week, but YOUR dad has been a Prince and very supportive. He went to to work today, for the first time since Saturday, and he will go in tomorrow for a couple hours, then will be off the rest of the day. My stepmom had some kind of disease that is more prevalent in people from the midwest. People from the midwest get this disease, whatever it is, more than anyone else. She also had a feeding tube. She couldn’t eat anything solid as she would get very sick and she had had a couple heart attacks already. she when she was taken to the hospital on Thursday, that was the last time. Her kidneys just failed. The doctor told my dad that had she even come out of this, she would have had to have dialysis and she would have that. My older brother and his family were down, and went home friday because they all thought she was getting better, she had been stabilized, only to find out by Saturday, she was not, and they came right back. My dad said it reminded him of when my mother passed away. He and my grandparents had been at the hospital when my mom came out of her coma, and had just left to come home to regroup, only to be called back because she suddenly turned for the worse. My mom was even up talking and laughing with everyone before she died. Weird, huh? Anyway… no one really knows the cause of death. She had been taking a lot of medicines for different things. When they would diagnose one thing and treat it, something else would pop up. When they would diagnose that and treat it, it would be something else and so on. So when we know for sure, I will let you know. A weird thing too, is that she was in the same exact room as Uncle Johnny when he passed away. Those memories of seeing him in that same room flooded back. 😦

Anyway…Thomas is calling me, so I have to go, take care!



Written 3/21/02 at 12:15pm- because my husband had told me my stepdaughter asked him if I was “happy” about my stepmom’s death.

“Are You Ok?”

This was the subject matter of emails. This one she wrote to Keith today, March 20th, at 0714, she asked “Are you dumb, Don’t you get the point?” She talks more crap to him, then without missing a beat she says, “you let your wife create a mess and then ask why the kids treat you the way they do. You let your wife interfere in my personal life and yet are not smart to realize that this is all wrong. Well you just go on believing that everything is right in the world for you . And the rest of us will move knowing the truth you have made sure we all know how you and your wife feel about us….If you are slow to learn then you need to understand there is not much time left to rebuild what you and your wife have destroyed.”


Keith wrote her back at 0917 stating, “(her name), No I am not dumb at all. I will talk to the kids. I was talking to (daughter) last night when you told her it was dinner and she had to eat “right now.” OF COURSE you knew she was talking to me. I was going to ask to talk to (son) when (daughter) hurriedly had to get off the phone.

My wife has nothing to do with anything. She didn’t create anything. YOU are the one that talks to the kids about me and her. YOU are the one that tells the kids its ALL mine or my wife’s fault and it’s YOU that causes conflict. It is YOU that blames your divorce on me and my wife and you even told the kids that!” He went on to tell her that he “can prove how you talk bad about me (and my wife) to the kids. Basically everything you say you haven’t done I can prove you have. You have gotten progressively worse since July of 1995 when you called the cops tried to have me arrested for kidnapping, only for it to blow up in your face. You seem to think that because you “weathered” your Grand Jury experience, you are above the law…I guess time will tell.

My wife has not interfered in your personal life at all… Your personal life was made known when YOU told us and blamed us for your divorce, so she has not interfered in your personal life at all, YOU are the one that made it public. I did read the letter you sent my wife. You said she couldn’t use the letter in court because it doesn’t concern the kids…think again.

You have NO IDEA how my wife feels about (son) and (daughter), but at LEAST be truthful, because we ALL know, including (son) and (daughter) how YOU feel about me and her, because YOU have made sure THE KIDS know how YOU feel about me and her. That was even more clear after a conversation I had with (daughter).

I do pay for my kids. I pay child support. Everything over and above that, is extra’s that if I am lucky enough to KNOW about and if I have the money, I will contribute. I don’t hassle you about anything. YOU on the other hand, are QUEEN of hassling me for EVERYTHING. You have taught the kids to tell me that Nothing is new, nothing is any of my business, and nothing concerns me, where THEY, the kids are concerned. You have apparently taught them that for YEARS and YEARS, because they have it perfected. How can I contribute when I don’t know about it? The only thing I ask is that THE KIDS ask me for help, and they don’t. YOU obviously have to control THAT too. Yep, I haven’t paid anything on (Son’s) car, because for 1, I wasn’t consulted about, for 2, it wouldn’t of mattered what I thought anyway, for 3 (son) didn’t and doesn’t have a job. You even have control over the car. Per your email, you say what, where, when, why and for how long. Never say never….I at least have faith that one day, I will be able to have a heart to heart talk with the kids, when they are out on their own and don’t have to report back to you about what I say to them, and even if they did, they will adults and there would be nothing you can do about it. I have a good life, thanks for your concern.”

HER response Back to Me

She writes:

” If you had not instigated this episode plus the many others then maybe the relationship between (son and daughter) and their dad would not be so strained. You know as well as the kids also that you are the one sending the e-mails and even talking on MSN.

You must thing we are all stupid pawns in game of Richard’s life. The truth be said that you started all the situations that have come up since you arrival in his life. My life and my friends are none of your business and none of Dicks business either.

If he thought I was bad parent or put our children in a bad situation, then it is up to the man with no spine to do something about it.

If he had a spine you would not be the one starting each hassle. You are a nothing of a person and have a miserable life. Therefore you feel the need to hassle me. By doing so you have created such bad feelings between Dick and his children.

It is none of your business about me or my ids. The only reason you know anything is because he was stupid enough to let you.

You can’t repair 9 years of your bullshit and pettiness. But I can.

I will hire a detective to investigate you and your life because I believe you are an endangerment to my children. When and if Dick and I go to court again, I will get a restraining order to keep you away from my kids and me.

Your actions and dwelling in to my personal life will support a restraining order.

If you think you are funny by upsetting my then you never about my children. You are so jealous and self centered and you have no life and that is why you are so interested in mine.

Why don’t you get your fat ass off the couch and out of the drive up lane of every fast food restaurant in town and get a real job. Why don’t you help support your family or are you too good to work.

The truth is you can’t get a job because of this attitude you have about people.

You are not going to upset me any longer, because you have done so much damage that you ruined whatever relationship the kids had with their dad. You waste so much of your time researching, keeping and looking for hassles. You must have wasted a lot of time researching my friends and for what purpose. You continue to waste your time on things that don’t matter and cause even more problems.

I will be sure to piss on your grave and make sure it says that you wasted your life being a bitch and getting into peoples business, not to much ruining dicks relationship with his entire family.

Go ahead you keep this e-mail you can’t use it any court case because it has nothing to do with my kids. It has to do with you being a female dog bitch and being so consumed with jealousy you have created a life out of being in mine.

By the way I go to the bathroom at least 6-7 times a day, My kids love me and respect me too bad you will never get that not even from your own children.

If you so much as e-mail me one more time as a pretense of being dick or even e-mail personally, you will find a lawsuit on your hands. I am sick you and everything you are involved in.

Your previous lover is out of the picture but you continue to e-mail. You are such a liar and you like this crap.

Well I don’t have any time for you and your stupid doings.

You are mean, vicious, vindictive, jealous and just plain ugly. what kind of person does this to people.

Don’t bother answering I won’t read it. You are a loser with no life. So stay out of mine.”

At 10:05am I responded to this psychotic spewage: “WHY wait? TOODLES, P-“

History Lesson

OH this lady….ANYTHING to put me in a bad light. She lies about EVERYTHING. Here is my response at 4:31pm, to her after her phone call to Keith.

“Hi J-

You have obviously misunderstood what I told you about my daughters father. I checked the recorded phone conversations back from 5 year ago.

You said to Keith the other day, that about 5 years, I “cried” to you about my daughters father. First of all, that’s wrong. Cry? PLEASE…My daughters father was mentioned during a normal conversation we, you and I, were having about the birth of mine and Keith’s son (since I just got out of the hospital), visitation arrangements for N and L for summer that year, and who our son, your son and my daughter look like.

You also asked Keith how else would you know that my daughters father was in jail for selling drugs. NOT from me, I assure you. During our conversation on May 28th, 1997, I told you that my daughter looked exactly like her dad and half brother. I told you that she doesn’t even know them, and you made a comment about her not seeing them ever. I told you she didn’t, that he was an “ass” and that “Criminal charges were filed against him,” and this is where you obviously have misunderstood what I said, even though at the time, you “sounded” like you understood. Yes, I did say he was a “druggie” and I told you that I “didn’t need that” and you said, “but he is still her dad.” Our conversation, like I said, was on May 28, 1997.

On May 30, 1997, the criminal prosecution against him was set for Sept.23, 1997. The People of the State of CA vs My daughters Father. It was for FAILURE TO PAY Child Support. The case was continued for arraignment and/or sentencing to October, 30, 1997. AT THAT time, he was placed on diversion, he had to pay a restitution fee, he had to pay the remaining arrearages and current support, and he was to apply to have his drivers license released, since it had been revoked for failure to pay, and he had to appear in court on 10-14-98 for a progress report. According to THOSE court papers of 10-14-98, the criminal action was dismissed, terminated or completed, because he had COMPLIED.

So for as much as you would like to accuse me of saying that I told you my ex had “dealt drugs out of the country and was arrested and thrown in jail for drug charges and child abuse,” it is just not true. I don’t know anything more about him or his life, than the last time I saw him in June of 1994, during a visitation day with our daughter, and then again in Feb or so of 1998 at court, where we sat together and laughed together and guess what? Keith was there too!

Another thing that is really out in left field is your comments how you do not want YOUR kids subjected to MY “previous life.” This is one of the MOST ridiculous things I have ever heard you say. Incredible that you would think my daughters father was any kind of THREAT to “your” kids, when he has no contact whatsoever with our daughter since she was 10 months old. She will be 9 this year.

I don’t know why you brought my daughters father up to begin with anyway. He has no bearing whatsoever on N and E, although I can’t say the same for your buddy D. S., who HAS been thrown in jail for drug trafficking (and charged) and HAS stayed in your home and HAS been around your kids.

I also remember a conversation you had with Keith where you told him to not be surprised if N “smokes pot” and how your own niece has been in juvenile hall for shoplifting. I remember hearing him tell you that if he ever caught or found out your niece was giving N and E any kind of drugs or anything, he would be calling the cops. I remember you telling him that he had no right to do that.

Before you start throwing accusations around about people you know NOTHING about, (my daughter’s father and his life) maybe you should look in your own back yard. Very rarely do I e-mail you or talk to you about anything, but I am sick of this particular thing that is going on where you bring up my daughters father when he has nothing to do with anything.

Hopefully this will be the end of your talk of my daughters father (and of myself and of my kids, thank you very much…hey, I can dream can’t I?) in your conversations with Keith.

This email is being sent to my daughters father.


Re: AJR/”Operation Party Line”

Ex wrote back this afternoon at 4:28pm and said, “Pat cried to me on the phone about 5 years ago telling me about him. How else would I know that he was in jail for selling drugs. Who cares who I am friends with or who I know.”

She also said, “Go ahead and tell whom ever and send whomever whatever emails you think are appropriate. You will always and continue to make yourself look stupid with your antics. I am sure any man, woman or child who has spent time with your wife knows her well enough to know her knows what she does and how she does it.”

What do I do and how do I do it, pray tell, Lady…. LOL HOLY MOSES….

At 4:31pm she whips off another email to Keith telling him, “Why would you waste your time on this? You and your wife need a hobby besides finding out about me. Do you want to know what brand tampon I use too. How about how often I use the bathroom. Your methods of searching out information on me and my friends is of no use in court or for that matter any other place. I guess it is time for me to do searching on my own. I don’t really have the time so I will look into hiring a private detective to look into you and your friends….Yes you have seen C he was at your house several times since 1995.”

Well, C has not been at our house for about 3 years. LOL nice try though.

Subject: AJR/”Operation Party Line”

That’s the subject line in Keith’s response to his ex. AJR is my daughter’s bio dad/sperm donor.

At 12:35 the ex writes, ” Be careful of what you ask for you just might get it.”

(sounds like a threat.) She continues, “I have nothing to hide if you want to know the truth you should have asked me along time ago, not your drug buddy C.G. (initials used). You have led a less than perfect life and your religion should have taught you to forgive. You have done some bad things and if you want to continue hassling me I see no reason why we should not dig up your past as well.”

In this email to the ex at 7:04pm, Keith writes, “(ex wifes name), My wife has never spoken to you on the phone about her ex. She very rarely if ever talks to you at all. This email and the other one you sent, will also be forwarded to her ex and just so you know, so will the rest of the emails you write and discuss him, disparage him, slander him and continue the libelous road you are on, and eventually, all the recorded conversations we have that took place between you and her will also be sent to him or his attorney if he retains one, for further proof, that she has never spoke to you about him.

You seem to think that you can say anything you want about ANYONE you want and get away with it. Well, like I said, you have stepped over the line by dragging someone into your web of lies, that has NOTHING, NOT ONE THING to do with (son) or (daughter). The difference between her ex and Solis, is just that, while her ex has not been in the picture in nearly 9 years, Solis has been and that is even per your e-mail.

It is now up to “the father of sara” to decide what HE wants to do, and how HE wants to handle it. Whether he contacts me or my wife at all about his plans is unknown at this point but I will continue to allow her to print these emails and send them to him. Keith”

At 7:07pm Keith wrote his ex another email telling her, “All my information came from making trips to San Diego Courts, court papers and talking to people on the phone. don’t know where C. is, haven’t known for many years now.”


SO, Keith’s ex decided to bring up Anthony in one of her emails, on 3/5. . I wrote Anthony on 3/6 and sent him a printed copy of what she wrote, and Keith’s response.

Keith told his ex, “Another clear example of talking about something you know nothing about. But, to give you a heads up, your original email will be printed and sent to the ” the father of sara” along with a note that we are 100% supportive of which ever rode he decides to take this. I believe you have stepped over the line with this, and it will be his decision what he wants to do about it. He is not EVER mentioned in any emails or letters by me. YOU are the one that has mentioned him in yours, and you know nothing about him or his life and neither do we.”

I told Anthony that we would be supportive of him should he decide to anything about this (civil suit for slander, libel or whatever).

I told him I had no idea why Keith’s ex decided to bring him into the mix. I told Anthony that I had told Keith that while he and I have no relationship, I would stand up for him as he is the biological father of my daughter and Keith agreed. I found Keith’s ex’s comments so untrue and very disturbing, in my opinion totally unnecessary and hurtful. It makes me wonder, if she would say this to Keith, who else has she said this to.

I let Anthony know that if he talks to a paralegal or an attorney, and they want to talk to Keith and I, please give them our numbers.

I sent this letter Del Con. Anthony received it today.

Subject Matter: Re: Eye Doctor

That’s what the subject matter is yet this is what she wrote today to Keith at 11:48am:

” I guess I should also check on Pats previous man, you know the father of sara, the one who dealt drugs out of the country and was arrested and thrown in jail for drug charges and child abuse.

If you really want the kids to know I have nothing to hide except to protect your appearance to them. I was broke and you were living with another woman and not supporting us. I took in roommates to help cover the cost of living. not my fault that Danny was accused of drug dealing when they searched my house it was clean as was his house and all of his friends houses.. no drugs were ever in my home and no drug dealing were going on. however, I am still friends with all those people and feel not threat. my kids have met and know danny quite well. why are you so jealous and angry about my life. it is my life you. At least I pay to support my kids.”

Say WHAT?!?

My Birthday!

Keith received an email from the ex this morning at 7:14am. She said in part, “Why don’t you practice on your wife and tell her to leave me alone and to be nice to your kids so that they will want to visit.”

He told her in his email to her at 8:30am that I have nothing to do with this but of course, he she goes again, putting me in the mix, just like she does the kids.