On June 28th, 2005, I sent my stepdaughter the EOB and check from our insurance company for her reimbursement. I also included the email I sent her on June 27th, and a copy of her writing in the card she sent my son, her half brother. I knew her mother would probably be privy to this piece of mail. This piece of mail I sent her, was delivered today to their PO Box, at 7:58am.

Card from Stepdaughter

Stepdaughter sent my son, her half brother, a Thank You card, postmarked June 23, 2005. He received it today. I was LIVID, and Keith wasn’t happy either with the content in the card.

She wrote, “Thomas, Thanks for the wonderful gifts that you gave me! Thanks for being supportive with my graduation unlike our dad! Well I hope you have a safe summer vacation and always stay out of trouble. Be good for your mom and your dad! Love ( her name)”

I sent her an email at 3:55pm. THANKFULLY we got something else in the mail at the time as well, for HER. I wrote, “(her legal first name), Just got an eob from (insurance) for your frames and lenses from February 9th, 2005. The check will be forwarded to you. Be on the look for it. DO NOT EVER write Thomas and spread YOUR ill feelings/will for “HIS DAD” (your words in your thank you card to him) again. A simple thank you would have sufficed. Had it not been for “His Dad’s” MONEY, you would not have gotten anything for graduation. “HIS DAD” was supportive of your graduation. Problem is, YOU failed to invite him to your graduation, and YOU failed to acknowledge the money he sent in support of your Senior Frolic. He probably would have done a lot more had you been a little bit kinder…. Keith’s loving wife, Pat”

I was PISSED and I don’t feel bad for what I wrote. My stepdaughter is now 18. She is NOW responsible for her words. My son is INNOCENT in all this. HE is not a part of the bullshit Keith’s ex dragged both my kids (as well as her own kids for that matter) into.

It STILL baffles me how his ex plays a big role in the Kiwanis club in her area the way she talked about my kids.

RE: Free At Last

Keith had responded at 4:52pm to one of the several emails between them on this day, where she said that that best party and celebration will be held tonight not due to their daughters birthday for her own FREEDOM celebration. Keith said, “well no kidding, you think that come’s as a surprise? It’s ALWAYS been about you, never about the kids, ALWAYS about you. :-(“

She responded back at 6:30pm saying, “Ohh you must have misunderstood. *Daughter* had a huge party in her honor last weekend and yet another one this evening.

You missed out on the best part of your children’s lives because of your selfishness. You could not even attend their graduations.

Guess you won’t be there for their weddings or childbirths either.

By the way, (daughter) applied and was accepted to at the University of Wyoming and will be attending college in Laramie Wyoming until graduation. With no help from you (son and daughter) are very successful and brilliant along with being very proud.

I did a wonderful job alone, your welcome.”

UM…did she forget she was dating and then remarried in 1993? She had only gotten divorced in or around 2003, so I am SURE she didn’t do this ‘alone.’ She also had her mother at her beck and call.

She had also asked Keith, “are you jealous wishing you could get away from your controlling wife to be able to be FREE too. Tough luck you drew the the straw that says you are stuck for another 12 years raising kids and being married. Inhaling smoke- don’t you wish you could. She lost you your children and has kept you tied to her purse. I am FREE.”

Keith said, “I am more free than you could EVER be. I am happily married, been so for the last 9 years, you sound jealous though, couldn’t stay married to your so called “Prince Charming” (her ex husband’s name). You aren’t free at all, that part is obvious.”

Happy 18th Birthday!

Today is my stepdaughters 18th birthday, and as if on cue, WE get an email from her mother.

At 1:18pm, he writes, “To hell with the both of you. My day is finally here when you can no longer touch my life.

You should be able to see the smoke from your front porch from all the dam paperwork, computer disks and fo (can’t read the rest of the word) crap you have bombarded my life with since 1990 being burned in backyard tonight.

Best party and celebration will be held tonight not due to (her daughter’s) birthday but my own FREEDOM celebration from having to deal with you and all your shit ever again in my life.

YAHOOOOO- FREE AT LAST from you. (her name)”

Oh No…

It seems Oldest stepdaughter postponed her wedding, her fiance is sick or something. Keith sent her an email expressing apologies to her about the postponement, and hopes all was well with her otherwise.

Landslide In Laguna Beach

Amongst other things, Keith emailed his oldest daughter at 11:57am and told her that he hoped the landslides haven’t affected her or her home.

She emailed him back at 12:08 and said, “A little late for your concern about the landslide and our home, but yes, thanks, we are just fine. I don’t like emailing you, so if you ever want to TALK, feel free to call me.”

He emailed her back at 12:25pm and said, “I had no idea there was a time frame/limit on concern.” He told her it seems things haven’t changed (with her), but he was shaking it off, and if she was wondering what that meant, that it was a reference to a story in the Bible.

At 1355 she emailed him back and she was “glad to hear it. I’ve been shaking it off for 32 years. Join the club of 4.”