August 30, 2002

I sent an email to the Watch Sargent at her local PD regarding the emails the ex sent yesterday and this morning. I also referenced an incident number from when I called them in the past for harassment from her, and asked them to please document this latest incident under the same incident number.

Like I said, I am on my own when it comes to her, I have no attorney, so I will do what I feel I have to do.

Her constant harassment in emails and phone calls gets to be MUCH after awhile. It’s like she has nothing better to do.

All Keith wants to do is see his kids. Well his son will be 18 in a few days and probably won’t see him anymore, and since their daughter is 15, and her mom is letting her call the shots, we’ll see how that goes.

It’s like Keith has always said, this is what the ex has worked towards, getting the kids to have no relationship with him at all. Parental Alienation at its best. She’s perfected the ac

To The Watch Sargant I wrote:

“Dear Sir/Ma’am,

After years of myself and my minor children enduring verbal abuse, libelous and slanderous e-mails and phone calls from J U, I advised her on June 18th, 2002, that the next derogatory phone call or email that she sent to or made to my husband, her EX husband, Richard K (last name), I would report it to the police and her employer for harassment.

Since June 18th, 2002, my husbands email has been set up so that any emails he receives from Mrs. U, that contain key words, would be forwarded on to me.

The court papers dated July 1, 1998 (they have been divorced since Nov. 30, 1990) specifically state that the “only contact the parties will have is regarding the children.”

In her email yesterday to Richard (attached, along with his response to her) she mentioned his other 2 (adult) children of which she is not the mother of. Today she once again mentions me in her email as well as my husbands two oldest kids and and their mother.

This is strictly against Court orders.

Please document this incident under the incident number in the subject line of 99*******.

Should you need to contact me further, please do so at 562-***-**** or at the email address above.

Thank you for your time.

Patricia (middle initial, last name)”

I attached J’s email dated 8/29/02 (757am), Keith’s response to that email, and her email from this morning 8/30/02 at 8:09am.

In her email this morning at 8:09am, J wrote to Keith:

“If our only contact is about N and L why do continuely send and refer to other things. Upmost respect for B HA HA HA HA, that is because she is a mouse. She did not care if you spent any time or money on R or A she raised them herself and continues to do so. When was the last time either of them confided in you or even stopped by to say or called for that matter. You get from relationships what you put in.”

Re: Snail Mail

(email from Stepdaughter to me at 10:47am)

“hey, got the letter, thanx bye bye L”


at 9:53 am I responded back:

“TREMENDOUS!!!! 😀 I just found another roll of undeveloped film, so I will get that done soo and forward more to ya! Thanks for letting me know. ❤ 🙂 P~”

Snail Mail

“Your item was delivered at 7:16am on August 5, 2002….NOTICE LEFT, August 5, 2002 7:15am…”

That’s according to the DelCon Tracking on USPS.

At 11:46am, I emailed the kids “Hi Guys! 🙂 Be on the lookout for a letter today, ok? I sent it on 8/2/02 so you should be getting it today. I am just letting you know because I have heard mail in your area is pretty snaily lately. 🙂 Hasta! P~ When I think about rain, I think about singing, When I think about singing, it’s a Heavenly tune, When I think about Heaven, I think about Angels, When I think about Angels, I think about you-Jamie O’Neal”

3 emails that we have for stepson all came back ” Each of the following recipients was rejected by a remote mail server. The reasons given by the server are included to help you determine why each recipient was rejected. mailbox unavailable.”

Oh well…

Today…while the blosson still clings to the vine…

(email sent to family, friends, and stepdaughter and her grandmother at 3:48pm)

“Good afternoon!

First of all, Michele, is that part of your Alma Mater?!

Boy, what a crazy last few days! Sarah didn’t go to practice at all this week, but she did well in her game today.

Thursday was her birthday, and she had a good day! One of her friends is still here!!

Today, the Reds played the A’s and GUESS WHAT? They LOST! The Reds lost that is, 19-11. Maybe next weekend, the Dodgers will have MERCY on us, but I doubt it! 🙂 Oh well…

Sarah hit 3 singles today. Coach and I were both real happy for her!

Of course, what is a Reds game with no incidents!? NOT a Reds game! One of our parents, (a mom that has SERIOUS ISSUES) almost got thrown out of the game, or off the field, not to mention almost forced us to forfeit the game! She couldn’t keep her mouth shut and accused the A’s of STEALING a BAT! a BAT! I kept telling her to SHHHH, then I finally had to walk away from her. I walked over to the A’s team (I know some parents over there) and they couldn’t believe it either. I asked if any of them had duck tape, not sure if I was going to use it for myself so I didn’t go off on the woman or use it for her to shut her up! LOL Coach told me that this woman’s own SON was walking around in the field saying, “I don’t know that woman, I don’t know that woman.” then when her son was catching, and he missed the ball, she started ragging on him and finally he said, “MOM, quit yelling at me!” I felt so bad for him!

Anyway, thank goodness there is only one game left! Next weekend at 1015am!

I did get Sarah’s pictures, but the order is wrong so as soon as I get it straightened out, I will send them out.

Well, Big Daddy Keith just got home 🙂 🙂 ❤ and my neighbor is waiting for me, so I best go for now…have a great rest of the weekend all!!!! Love ya!!! P~”

Email to Stepkids

(sent via USPS DELCON 8/2/02 at 12:40pm, typed it on 7/30/02)

“Dear N&L,

Good afternoon! I was just getting caught up with some letter writing and sending pics out to Sarah’s dad, sister and brother and I thought I would do the same for you guys with Thomas. Hope you like them.

It has been awhile since I sent some out to you guys! I have gone through one bag of pics and am sending some of those. They are from Summer 2001 to June 2002. There will be more, just got to get to the rest of them.

Thomas will be starting school the first week of September. I can’t believe it! Where did the time go! Like the old saying, Time flies when you’re having fun! He is real excited! He will be going from 830am-230pm! What a long day for Kindergarden huh?

He is now sining in the Children’s Choir at church! He is too cute! He and a couple little buddies make faces at each other sometimes while they are singing! Goofballs! 😉 He has really been getting into church lately. On Sunday nights, when he has to sit with us, he lifts his hands and prays, he shouts ALLELUJIAH! And AMEN! He will also go up to the Altar to pray! He now goes up and shakes Pastors hand and gives him a hug, where up until recently, he was very shy to talk to Pastor! Sunday night, we went to Church and stayed for a drama, and he did fall asleep on the floor! 🙂 When the toy “gun” went off, he didn’t even move he was sooo asleep! It made everyone else jump or yell! 🙂

I think after Sarah finishes softball, (only two more games!) I am going to sign him up for swimming lessons. He LOVES the water! I have been taking him to the beach and he hardly gets out of the water! What he does do is use his boogy board like a surf board! He tries to stand on it, and then he will lay it in the water, run up on the sand a little bit, and then run down and flop on the boogy board and float away! 🙂 I can’t explain it good enough. It is something you have to actually see! A plan I have is when I get back to work soon, is to get a video camera! That way, I can send you videos of Thomas. He is still not real happy with getting his head and face wet, but it s A LOT better! :- ) More accepting of the idea that if you play in water, you get wet!

OH that reminds me, the other day I had use some visine, my eyes were dry and itchy and I couldn’t scratch them real good because I had my contacts in. Well, Thomas put his hand over his eyes and was making a groaning noise, and I asked him what he was wrong. He said, “Mom, I need ‘ONTACT’ for my eyes, they reeeeeely hurt” 🙂 He calls Visine “Ontact”!!!! Crazy kid!!!!

He really misses you guys. He wanted to talk to you, so I dialed the number for him one day last week, but the answering machine (call wave) machine came on. Right after he heard the message where it says, “J, N or L” Thomas said, “Ya, L” thinking it would get to you! 🙂 He tried! I/we didn’t leave a message though.

He has been handing out at my neighbors house with his buddies, Devon and Matthew. My neighbor is a child care provider, so he goes over to play. He is also a big rollerskater fan! He does REALLY well too! He is a trip to watch! He is changing right before my eyes, and it is the greatest thing to watch!

Well kiddos, have a great day! Enjoy your new place! Buh bye!

Best wishes, Pat”