Past Due Support Payments

On 10-15, I sent Anthony a certified, return receipt requested letter, reminding him of the support provisions from July 31, 1995, regarding paying one half of all uncovered medical, etc. expenses.

This letter was delivered to his house today.

October 9, 2001

Ex writes back, “Attacking innocent kids?? What are you doing to (Son) and (Daughter). Are they not innocent children also are they not your kids?…They are teenagers and I am sure they hear swearing not only from you and your wife but from kids at school. Get over it.

Calling me names and accusing me of being a bad parent won’t release the guilt you are feeling over treating your children the way you do or allowing your wife to treat them badly either. I am done with this and with you. Good luck in continuing to build the relationship with the kids. FOFOFOFOFOFOFOFOFOFOFOOFOFOOF”


October 9, 2001

Yesterday, Keith emailed his ex telling her that “Children learn what they live” because of her “FO” comment.

He said “you telling me “FO” and I know exactly what you are saying in this email as well as all the others in which you cuss me out not to mention all the phone calls you have made to my home as recently as when the kids were here, along with the fact that (daughter) has taken up cussing at me in emails…”

The ex wrote back one sentence. “Then this would explain why your children are brats and cry whenever they don’t get their way.”

Remember, this woman has works with the public, is/was involved with KIWANIS and this is how she speaks of another mothers children? WHY is she attacking MY kids? They have nothing to do with this. They are innocent in this. Keith told her this.

October 7, 2001

Keith noticed his daughter has major attitude towards him. She tells Keith that his daughters attitude is ALL HIS. LOL…She tells him, “She won’t be putting up with your crap because she is seeing the real you…You did this to yourself. You and your wife cause this problem and saw it coming back in 1995…you aren’t seeing what kind of problems your wife is causing between you and your kids. You are blind and ignorant to reality and fail to understand or even try to understand your kids. FO”

We all know what “FO” means….I have done NOTHING. She needs to look in the mirror. The kids don’t parrot things I say about their dad. They parrot their mothers horrible things she has said about their dad.