Access to Information

SOS different day, or night.

The ex e-mailed Keith at 1928. Funny how that works. She e-mailed him at his two email addresses.

She’s demanding and accusing him again of more insurance stuff that he already dealt with.

Of course she throws in there, “Due to privacy laws in place I am not and will not call to request a card for (daughter) you have to.” what BS. She has called and requested cards before. In fact, we were told at one point that she requested to have her daughters stuff mailed to her, and NOT to Keith, who is the Insured. She wanted to bypass Keith. So she CAN call to request things, they just won’t be delivered to HER like she wanted.

She also added, I have alerted all our medical, dental and vision as well as pharmacy that I will file a complaint against them for allowing other persons than (daughter’s) parents access to her information or allowing them to even call and inquire or give information. The only persons allowed to gain information according to the new privacy laws are (daughter’s) parent’s. Not step- parents.”

LMAO, I can call our insurance and inquire the status of something, and if I have questions regarding an EOB, I can call our insurance about that too.

The thing is, the ex causes issues with the insurance when she pays for things upfront and then waits to bill or bills incorrectly, and then claims get AFU, and I happen to find this stuff out and work claims until they are processed correctly. She HATES THAT. Oh well…I’m not changing the way I deal with claims.


SO, remember when the ex told Keith she wasn’t accepting any email, letters send via US postal service, etc? Remember, she emailed me in February, and he responded by email. Suddenly, it is now March, the 6 to be exact, and she has an issue with it, LOL

“I requested that you not e-mail me or send me mail regarding (daughter). Don’t you get it or not?? I don’t believe it is you that I am receiving e-mails from or getting mail from. Do you think I am stupid.

Can’t you pick up a telephone and call if you have a concern or question/ Must be that your hands are tied.”

She blathers on then says, “You are refusing visitation for Spring break after you have been offered in the timeframe specified on court papers, which now makes it that she does not have to spend an extra week at summer. ” (He didn’t refuse visitation. )

The ex was badgering him about a bill that hasn’t come to fruition, about the cost of a ring their daughter wanted (class ring) and she, the ex put $50 as a deposit, and the balance is due within 2 months. Then she has to get her dig in. She wrote, ” if you think we should have taken the 59.95 because you don’t think it is important or cost too much then maybe you should eat at home more often. Maybe you should cut back on clothing purchases and eating at fast food places. Maybe an additional job would help support your family and (daughter) too.”

It seems she forgets that I do work, to make up for the money he has to pay out in child support, and help US survive.

Then she goes on to say, “Don’t pay that’s fine and that would be why (son) has such hard feelings. Don’t offer to help with anything I will just get it in court ordered support and garnish your wages. Better yet, quit your job and then no one gets anything. I am sick of you whining about much money (daughter and son) costs. Raising kids is not running a business like I have told you many times. I do not make a profit here. I raise kids so that they can have a better life than I ever did.”

One thing Keith has always stood by was that if the kids wanted his help, THEY had a voice, THEY need to ask him, especially as they got older. HER version of the story goes like this, “I tell you an amount of money something costs, with no proof, and you just trust me and send me the money I tell you.” Um no. That’s not how he does things. If he were to help with his son’s auto insurance, he wants a monthly statement, or the information so he can make a payment directly. If he is not provided that information, he’s not just sending money. SHE didn’t want him to have that information, saying he was not entitled to it, he should just PAY based on her word. How CRAZY is that? THAT kind of TRUST is not there, but ANY stretch of the imagination, and CLEARLY, she raised the kids to say NOTHING, to not speak for themselves. SAD. A

Anyway, she continues her rant by saying, “Scrimp on your lifestyle and make your kids wear second hand clothes, we do. Fix dinner at home, buy groceries and plan meals, cut back on your technical and electronic toys.

Get a second job, whatever it takes to make our children happy.

I don’t care if you suffer or go with out I have for years.

whine to me again about money and see where it will get you….I will sacrifice my style of living to see that she gets what she wants. Too bad you are so selfish and ungiving.

Send me more letters and I will refuse them- send checks or cash to (daughter) or directly to the people you owe money too.

Get it finally. Should you need to respond to this e-mail be glad to hear from you on the telephone.

Do you get it now, quit wasting everyone’s time.”

OH, but she can email HIM when the whim hits her. Goddamn this woman is hateful, spiteful and evil.