Here She Come’s Again…

Seems Coleen got ahold of the court papers David signed for. She returned them to me, postmarked, round stamped with two dates, including two pics of her and Anthonys wedding from November 1994, probably why he never responded to court orders, LOL.

ANYWAY, she also wrote on a small, squared piece of paper, “You are such a fool”

Made me laugh, thinking, “I’m not the one that married him.” LOL

MCI Telephone Service

At 830pm on August 8, 1995, MCI called. The representative asked me if I knew a man by the name of Ex Wife#2’s Husbands name. I told her I did and she said, “Great, he gave me your number to join” I told her that the name was my fiancé’s ex wife’s husband, and no thanks.

I called ex’s husband. Ex answered the phone. When I acknowledged her and told her who I was, she immediately hung up the phone.

I made a second attempt to contact ex’s husband on August 9th at 900am. This time he answered. I told him who I was and started telling him about the conversation I had with MCI.

He said he did not do that and asked, “Patricia who?” I repeated I was Keith’s fiancée. Ex’s husband said, “ No, I did not do that. You guys have caused enough heartache in my life.” I chuckled and said, “ well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.” And he hung up.

ALL his life? I just barely saw him in person for the first time in MY life when he dropped the kids off with his wife, last month. Weird.


It seems Anthony received the court copy. The 3811 form from the post office was signed by someone by the name of David today 8/8/95 at Anthony’s house.