He Called Again

Anthony called me earlier today. He told me of his intent to add our daughter to his Health Plan. He also told me he would send me her medical card and any and all necessary information regarding her coverage, when he receives it. He said he was “trying” to abide by court orders.

I did feel badly when he said he had had a boating accident and that I had hoped his leg was healing well and he was feeling better every day.

It was a good convo.

He Called

Anthony called earlier today and said he is adding our daughter to his health benefits plan. I thanked him and told him to let me know when he wants to see Sarah.

I told him that even though the orders say no rights of visitation, we can work around it, just let me know.

Kaiser Book

I wrote a letter to J- dated 4-17-98, but didn’t send it until today a long with this book. I wrote:

“J- We’ve been meaning to send this to you but we haven’t had time and then we forgot to give it to the kids! It’s a great book! We have one already and thought we’d send this one to you. Hope it comes in handy for you. Take care- Patricia “

Letter to Kids

I asked how both of them are, and hoped they’re fine. Let them know we are all find, that Thomas got a little black eye the other day as he was walking along the chairs and lost his balance. He hit his eye just under the eyebrow and it turned black and blue. I said he’s a little “tuffy,” that he hardly cried. I let them know that Sarah was find and she misses them both. She kept asking why you had to leave and she says she wants them to come back soon.

I let them know that their Dad’s knee is ok, it still hurts him off and on and that he goes back to the doctors next week. I told them I had to go, that Thomas is walking now, Take care and that we love and miss them.

Going to Court

Today, April 15, 1998, Keith signed Court papers his attorney drew up. He requested one half (1/2) of Summer vacation, Every Spring, Every Fathers Day weekend and the children’s birthday weekend in even years, from Friday to Sunday, 2 weeks at Christmas and alternating Major holidays. He requested other orders as well.

He Called

Anthony called earlier. Tomorrow is his birthday. He wants to set up a payment arrangement.

I told him to let me know if he wants to see our daughter.