Kids Leave Today

Ex called from the gate at 2:25 pm

P- hello?

J- Hi

P- Hi

J- how do I get in pass the gate?

P- I’ll let you in.

She got to our home, picked up the kids and left immediately.

She called again at 2:40 pm, while on her way to San Diego.

P- Hello?

J- can I talk to Keith please?

P- hold on, (I turned to ask Keith) Do you want to talk to J? (Sarah said, “I do” LOL) I asked again, you want to talk to J? OH, it’s about that thing?

K- hello?

J- are you ok? the kids told me you were mad about the letter…

He told her he was fine.

Call For Keith

We were having a late dinner. I made enchiladas. The ex called for Keith at 8:24 pm. I answered the phone. I told her to hold on, and called for him to pick up.

I’m also dishing up dinner, asking the kids if they want red or green enchiladas.

I hear Keith tell his ex:

K- I’ll have some money for you tomorrow.

Ex Called

She called at approx 1pm. She had to leave word on our answering machine. She was calling for (SS), saying to please call her back, that she forgot what size pants and shoes he wears.