Today’s the Day

The Court set a temporary order of Child support to ZERO. The hearing is continued to 6-25-08 for Financial review. Beginning 4-14-08 the Defendant is ordered to maintain a record of his job searches, he is ordered to notify the CSSD in writing within 10 days if securing employment, change of employment, acting as an independent contractor, participating in any business or occupation, otherwise an order shall be retroactive to the date of employment or business participation. The motion to Stay Collection is DENIED.

Responsive Declaration to OSC

HOLY SMOKES, the CSSD ‘s staff attorney filed their own response on 3/28 and WOW…POWERFUL. They did not consent to the order requested. They consent to an increase in child support if applicable. They also stated he is in arrears $6,545.79 principal, $73.32 interest as of March 28th, 2008. They request the court order Anthony to make a lump sum payment of $200 in order to release his driver’s license and enter a reasonable payment plan. Respondent has provided no legal basis for the court to grant this “Stay” request therefore this case request should be denied.

I received a copy today.