Keith’s Response

Keith wrote back to the Insurance Admin from his insurance.

To told him that not only was it necessary, but imperative that he inform the Admin that the signature on the letter he received is NOT his.

He let the Admin know that while this situation happened a year ago, it was just brought to his attention on April 9, 1996. Keith let the Admin know that this letter was done without his knowledge or consent, that he DOES NOT nor has he in the past, authorized anything of any kind to be sent to his former wife.

Keith went on further to say that if a reimbursement is due her, and it come’s to our house, HE will send it directly to her as he has done in the past, otherwise she can wait for the claim to be processed through both insurance companies as they should. He said the he has ever confidence that the Provider of Service who handles the billing, know what the procedures are and will continue handling things accordingly, just as he is confident the insurance will reimburse her when it is necessary, but to be sent to our house since it is Keith’s insurance.

He also asked them to update the information in system to ensure this doesn’t happen again, and that if any come’s from his ex wife again, he would like to be alerted as to what it is and the purpose, especially if his signature is required.

How crazy because he also found out that another ex tried to access information from his insurance company, so he had to write another letter.

In this letter, he wrote:

“To Whom It May Concern:

I am forced to write this letter due to some questionable incidence’s that have occurred within my file.

I have two (2) ex wives. One is (#2) that I have two kids with, and is fully aware of my address and phone number. The other ex is (#3) with whom I have no children with and who is not aware of my address and phone number.

Today, I was advised that an “ex-wife” called (RX carrier) on March 6, 1996 to ascertain some type of information, however due to the fac that she was not able to verify my address or phone number, she was not given any information.

I am sending a copy of my divorce papers from (#3) and am formally requesting that she be removed from your system completely and please advise (RX Carrier) to do the same.

It is unnerving and very upsetting to know that these two women have not only attempted to ascertain information that is not available to them, but one has successfully had information in my file altered without my knowledge or consent.

As of this date, I am formally requesting that the ONLY person’s authorized to call and discuss any information are myself and my fiancee Patricia S. I realize that Patricia is not a dependent of mine due to to the fact that we are not married yet, however we will be soon and I trust her completely, as well as her ability to discuss matters in an intelligent way. Another reason I request to authorize Patricia is because I am normally working during your business hours, and since there is a three hour difference, it is more convenient this way.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Should you have any further questions, comments or problems, please feel free to contact me.

As a footnote, if it is your requested that a code word be given to Patricia as her way of identifying herself truthfully when she calls, we will comply. Please advise either way. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,….”

I also wrote a letter.

“To Whom It May Concern:

As per my conversation with Ms. C this morning, enclosed you will find a copy of a letter *Keith was forced to write pertaining to his ex wife (#2).

It is understood that ALL reimbursements will be sent to *Keith at his home address of **************, EVEN IF (ex #2) calls and changes his address to hers to receive the reimbursements herself. Please add this letter to his file. Thank you.”


Today, Keith got a letter from his insurance company. It stated that he gave authorization to send all unassigned benefits to his former wife, J, in regard to their children.

The insurance Administrator attached a copy of the said letter…..