November 29, 1999

Ex sent an email this morning at 7:55am. She told Keith “You and your wife have misread and misinterpreted most of my e-mails and I am continuing to correct you with each one.”

What a JOKE! She LIES in all her emails, LOL.


In NON caps, she continues that “(their daughter) became very upset at the threat of you putting me in jail and calling the cops on me. What can’t you think more like an adult than a child” GEE, really? I wonder if their daughter ever realized and “became very upset” that it was their MOTHER that called the cops on Keith in July of 1995, LYING to Cops, telling the Watch Sargent on duty that Keith “took the kids out of the county of San Diego and was holding them against their will” 3-4 days after she, her husband and his son dropped them off at our house for their summer visitation. I have often wondered if her husband’s ex wife ever found out how MANIACAL Keith’s ex was that day, the way she burned rubber and hauled ass down a residential street because she was so pissed off.

The truth is, Keith’s EX was the one that took the kids out of the county of San Diego in February of 1993 without Keith’s permission or permission from the court as she moved out of state. I’m sure this little diddy, a San Diego drug case from called “Operation Party Line” or “The Westbrook Case” had something to do with it.

She wrote “You and your wife are so jealous and malicious it shows to everyone except yourselves.” OH really now? Who is everyone, pray tell…..

In her next email in the afternoon, 3:07pm she writes, “Gee Richard I didn’t realize that you were home today at 10:31a.m. Of course you are not home that is because your wife is doing all of this meddling and causing all sorts of trouble and you are not even aware of half it.”

LMAO… Keith has rotating days off.


Hope this note finds him and his family well.

Let him know that I had a parent teacher conference on the 15th, and it went real well. Teacher gave her a lot of praise for how much progress she has made, especially in reading. Enclosed a copy of her report card for him.

We took Sarah to Adventure city on Veterans day and she enjoyed that. It was free for all Veterans and since Keith is a veteran, we take advantage of it.

She ended up being a Barbie Cheerleader for Halloween, she looked real cute. We just took her around the homes here where we live. She got enough candy for sure.

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.

November 7th, 1999

another letter or email. She writes paragraph after paragraph, “Blah blah blah blah blah blah…..” on and on. The she gets towards the end and says, “As far as that goes how do I know this is you when I receive responses. As we all know your wife is one who instigates most of not all of the hassles and correspondence.”

Tribunal Letter

Keith received a letter from the Tribunal Diocese of Yakima. It was dated November 4, 1999.

Weird because J had said that she wanted to remarry her second husband in the Catholic church and she needed Keith to answer some questions about THEIR marriage. She said she would be sending him a questionnaire for him to fill out and send back.

He waited for this paperwork, he was looking forward to answering the questions, so he inquired about this questionnaire, to find out what was up. He was quite surprised when he got this Tribunal letter.

It states:

“Dear Mr. D:

After carefully considering the evidence submitted to this Tribunal, in regards to the marriage of (the ex’s name) and (Keith’s legal name), we declare this marriage null and void.

The Affidavit of Freedom to Marry regarding your previous marriage to (ex’s name) has been issued. This frees both parties of this bond of marriage. Providing there have not been any other bonds of marriage that need to be taken care of, both parties are free to enter marriage in the Catholic Church that is their choice.

If you choose to marry in the Catholic Church it will be necessary to contact this office. It would be helpful if you would reference the protocol name and number as given above.

If you have any questions concerning the above matters please do not hesitate to contact this office.

With ever good wish, I am


(Tribunal Secretary)”

So did the ex FORGE his answers and signature? Was she afraid of what he would say in his responses??


November 4, 1999

Another, “tell me you’re ugly without telling me you’re ugly” line.

The ex sent Keith an email this morning at 12:00am. She’s now accused him of holding on to claims. Isn’t THAT the pot calling the kettle black. GEEZUS.

ANYWAY….the second paragraph she wrote, “Don’t you have enough to worry about with your sickly family.”

What a bitch she is.

She also accused Keith of being the cause of the kids losing their benefit of earning miles from her husband. She said her husband was helping the kids. Earlier though, in previous emails, she said that this had nothing to do with Keith so how did he cause this? Secondly, she also stated she was getting a divorce from her husband, so I’m SURE that had more to do with the kids losing this “benefit” from her husband than anything Keith (or I) could ever contribute.