EOB’s and Running Shoes

So the ex called at 8:55pm. I answered the phone.

J- Is Keith there?

P- yeah, hold on (called for Keith and let him know who was on the phone.)

K- hello?

J- hey, are you sleeping?

K- un, getting ready to

J- (raising voice) Well then why the hell did she put you on the phone?

K- what?

J- Why the hell did she put you on the phone?

K- (assertive tone) I wasn’t asleep

So now, she’s already pissed, because I put him on the phone, when he wasn’t asleep, and also because a letter he sent that she just got about EOB’s.

She opines as to how she handles the EOB’s, and says she doesn’t see what the big deal is as to why he has to get a copy, in the first place. She doesn’t see what the big deal is as to why he needs a copy of what her insurance pays.


So she talks to him about getting running shoes for their son, how expensive they are, etc. Keith looked up some and price was between $120-$140. She said she would probably spend $80. Keith joked that he would be him a $10 pair, and J said, “Cheapskate.”

Can’t even joke with her.

Unaccompanied Minor Fee

“Hi J-

Enclosed is a $10 bank check that pays for our half of the “unaccompanied Minor fee” you paid for.

We had gotten this prior to Keith speaking to you last night, and also decided the kids really don’t need it for the return trip home.

We hope this doesn’t upset you too much, but if it does, we apologize.

We had a great time with the kids and look forward to getting them during the summer.

Sincerely, Patricia”

*Bank check dated 4-11-97

Letter sent today, 4-12-97

Kids Left :*-(

It’s always hard when the kids leave. Keith takes it hard, his daughter takes it hard, his son is harder to read, my daughter takes it hard, I’m sad.

Their mom called at 7:30pm. I answered.

P- Hello?

J- Hi

P- Hi

J- This is J

P (like I didn’t know) yeah….

J- did the kids make it to the airport?

P- uh huh

J- Ok, I was double checking

P- ok

J- Thanks

P- uh huh, bye

J- bye


Oh, She Thinks She’s Funny

The kids are leaving tomorrow. Keith had the kids call their mom at 730pm, and she had to speak to him as well to get the flight information and other stuff.

J had told Keith to just remind the kids that they are going to come back for the whole month in July, and that it wasn’t too far off.

Keith said, right, and that they need to get the tickets soon. Then J pops off with, “Whenever your wife want to make the arrangements” and giggles.

Why me? Keith and I look up information for OUR own edification. Besides, I’m not supposed to be involved, I thought. LOL…

Well, Thanks For That….

So we went to the Children’s Museum in La Habra. Ended up having to take SS to the ER as he wasn’t feeling good.

I had called the ex to tell her, and when she called back, at 8:40 pm, during the conversation, she had told me that she hoped my daughter doesn’t catch what my SS has. She had also dropped this little gem…” Don’t be surprised if Keith is not there at the birth of your child, he disappeared when SD was born.”

I mean, how RUDE is that? WTF? She’s either jealous or catty or just both. It shouldn’t surprise me, and doesn’t really, I guess I’m just surprised at the depths of nastiness she will go.

Just when I think she can’t go any lower….