Cleaning Out Files

Sent Ant a letter on 5/21/2020 but it included 2 notes. The first one I wrote that I had been cleaning out files and attached to this letter was a copy of my court complaint from 1994 where I wrote that I have sole legal sole physical custody, an that he should have the right to visit Sarah with a 3rd party present at any visitation, that he be ordered to take a drug/alcohol test prior to any visitation, that his girlfriend (Coleen) not be present, etc and a copy of a letter from his ex wife to me about him. I also told him I came across a text were he falsely accused me of never him see Sarah.

I reminded him that in 1994, I sued him for custody and I offered a visitation with restrictions. He didn’t show up to court for one, and for two, he told me he didn’t agree with the visitation I offered. I asked why he didn’t show up to court to tell the judge that? The judge ordered no visitation, and it wasn’t MY fault that he, Anthony, didn’t show up.

I told him what I DID do though was write him frequently letting him know how Sarah was and what she’s been up to. When I would speak to him on the phone, I would tell him to let me know when he wanted to see her and we can work it out, but he just didn’t want a 3rd party present. After him threatening to kidnap her and taking her to Mexico and how I’d never see her again, I felt a 3rd party (supervised visitation) was needed.

I also reminded him that when he took me to court in 2008, he said he needed his license reinstated so that he could visit his daughter. Not only did he NOT show up to court, Sarah was there, and for 2, it’s been 12 years and he STILL hasn’t met her or seen her other than the pics I’ve sent. She will be 27 this year and the last time he saw her was when she was 10 months old. He also almost gave her up for adoption.

I let him know that Sarah knows all this and that none of this is her fault, nor is it my fault. She met members of his family back in February and September 2010, 17 years after she was born, and not everyone was happy to see her. That was the last time she’s seen anyone in his family.

I had no doubt that this affects her in some way and I am and will ALWAYS be there for her.

I wrote, “You’re what? 61 years old? Try taking some responsibility for the lack of relationship you have with Sarah. It’s no one’s fault but your own.”

The second letter included a number of various letters back and forth, copies of court papers, the birth certificate he signed from the hospital, her legal birth certificate, more job leads through FB messenger and text messages between us.

In this second letter, I wrote, “Anthony, Hope this note finds you doing well. Sending you this note to send you some info that I’m not sure you had. Also writing to ask you to look in your facebook messenger because I’ve sent pics of Sarah to you. Over the last few years I’ve sent them to your phone as well, but not sure if you’ve gotten them. I’ve also sent pics to (his girlfriend’s) messenger, but she hasn’t seen them either. Anyways, be well- Patty”

This envelope was delivered to his house about 1315 today.