My brother in law passed away. He had not been feeling well. It was 6 weeks from the time he was taken to the hospital, he had been diagnosed to him passing away. TOO QUICK. TOO YOUNG. He was only 43. He had JUST turned 43 a month before.

When Keith was visiting him in the hospital, he told me a story of something that happened. He said that Johnny kept asking him who the guy was at the foot of the bed. Keith said he saw no one, but Johnny insisted there was someone there. Johnny said he was dressed all in white. Keith knew then Johnny was at Heaven’s Gates.

He was Keith’s youngest brother. SUCH a funny dude! RIP JohnnyBob, JD! You will be terribly missed!

Wrong Court

Because I have a case open with the DA, I have to go to CCW, L.A. on 3-31.


BUT, Anthony told the Commissioner that the extra $50 a month that is deducted from his paycheck is specifically for Uncovered medical expenses. THAT is not true.

EVERYTHING, copies of my support checks and information from the DA’s office stating contrary will be brought to court on March 31, 1999. I will let the court at that time decide what is in the best interest of our child.

Shots fired.

Papers Filed

We go to court on 2/17/99. I requested COSTS of $150 for legal assistant, reimbursement of medical/dental costs from 1995 to date, 24 hours notice of change of address or employer, order to maintain medical coverage for minor child.

I requested $50 a month towards the past due uncovered medical expense. I also request that he repays any future uncovered expenses within 14 days of the receipt of the bills.

HE shall maintain in full force the present health care plan or comparable insurance for our daughter so long as the coverage is avail through his employer, and he maintains this coverage until the termination of his obligation to contribute to our child.

He shall mail to me any and all proof of insurance cards within 24 hours upon his receipt of this information.

That if he becomes unemployed, he shall acquire Medical Insurance of comparable coverage within 24 hours for our daughter’s benefit, either by independent coverage or group coverage through a new employer, to insure our daughter does not go any longer than 24 hours without coverage. He shall notify me of any lapse of coverage.

He is to notify me in writing within 24 hours of any changes of employment or home address.

That I, the petitioner will provide copes of all medical/dental receipts for the courts and HIS convenience even though he has been sent many copies and many letters requesting payments which go unheeded.

I ask the court to reiterate the importance to the respondent of following these orders issued today, and the subsequent possibility of contempt of court issues if not.

Of course I declared under penalty of perjury under the laws of CA that the foregoing is true and correct.