Visitation 2002

Spring- 1 week- DENIED

Summer- 5-6 weeks- DENIED- Ex moved and said she would keep the kids if she moved.

Winter- 2 weeks-Ex’s year, but she allowed (daughter) to visit from 12/21-12/29. (Daughter) went to WA to LA to San Diego. Last time he saw his daughter.

Gifts and Things from 2002

1-18-02- Thank you card from L & N. Postmarked 1-15-02, addressed to “Richard D and family” written in J’s writing. L writes, “Thank you for the cd’s and movie. I

enjoy watching a listening to them. Love ya L” N wrote, “Thank you for the car cleaner and certificate to Target. Thank you so much for the certificate. N”

2-7-02 Sent a package to N & L. It was delivered at 4:37pm on 2-9-02

4-9-02- sent package to kids for Easter. It was delivered to them on 4-11-02 at 1:24 pm.

5-28-02- POSTMARKED 5-24-02- addressed to “Mr. & Mrs. D” written in J’s writing, returned address says N D (his first and last name), is N’s graduation announcement.

6-14-02- sent gift box to kids. It was delivered 6-17-02 at 1:40pm. 1 day before L’ s birthday! YEAH!

7-3-02- received info and order form from Ahmann’s Images from N’s graduation.

7-5-02- Keith ordered 1 5×7 photo ($8.50) of N and a video ($15) plus $5 mailing costs ($28.50 total).

8-28-02- received the order from Ahmann’s.

9-10-02- sent N a package. Package was delivered 9-12-02 at 5:21 am. (hmmm)

11-27-02- Keith sent N a note (dated 11-23) and a $50 check (written by me on 11-23) for reimbursement of a claim. Letter and check were delivered 11-29-02 at 1:48 pm

12-02- Keith got L Zoo Tycoon, Marine Mania, Monsters, Inc., Spirit and some slippers for Christmas. She was here for a week. She took everything with her to her grandmothers.

Pics I emailed

The pics I emailed last night got a response today from J. She responded back, at 8:30am writing, “I have always wanted another picture of Richard, Thanks.”

Of course I knew this, LOL.

At 8:40am, I wrote back, “LOL! ok, you’re very welcomed.”


We saw L for a week. I took some pics of her with her dad and grandparents when we dropped her off. I sent them to her, her mother and her grandma a few minutes ago.

December 16, 2002

Keith emailed the ex back at 0624, telling her ” and yet ANOTHER fine example of you following court orders. Right on the first PAGE of the 1998 court order, it says that the only contact the parties will have is regarding the children. The children being (son) and (daughter). From this email, it is obvious you can’t even follow the SIMPLEST part of the court order.

LEAVE SARAH AND THOMAS OUT OF YOUR EMAILS. They are not part of the court order and they are NONE of your business. Keith”

Ex responded at 0802 writing, “I never said anything about Sarah and Thomas. You just did.”

At 1511 Keith e-mailed his ex back. “Read it again. Do you suffer from comprehension problems? do you forget what you write? it’s not rocket science who you were referring to when you said, “Is that what you do with the children living with you now.

Do you tell them that because it is not an emergency than they have to wait 30 days before you take them to the doctor. Grow up and leave “the children living with (me) now” out of it. They are not part of the court order, they are NONE OF your business, and what goes on with them is none of your business either. Keith.”

The ex emailed at 2045 writing, “OOOH touchy and too protective over those but give a shit less on the first 4. I guess you only rank importance when you have to listen to them whine daily. Too bad you don’t feel this way about the others you abandoned.”

At 2050, Keith wrote, “SHUT THE HELL UP BITCH and leave them out of this. Keith”

He did NOT care that he wrote that, he had reached his limit with her bullshit. I have no doubt she told her daughter what he said. She probably let both kids read that email.

December 15, 2002

Ex and Keith were e-mailing about a non emergent medical issue with their daughter. At 1626, Keith had told her that whenever she fails to follow court orders she always throws in “it was an emergency” and wondered why she would wait until something became “an emergency” before doing anything about it.

She didn’t like that. When she emailed him back at 2206, she wrote, “Why don’t you care about her? why does it matter if it was or wasn’t. who cares it is our daughter and she was uncomfortable and wanted it taken care of. why do you put money before her health? is that what you do with the children living with you now. Do you tell them that because it is not an emergency than they have to wait 30 days before you will take them to the doctor. What an idiot you are….”

WHAT? LOL…talk about an idiot. We USE providers of service and we don’t wait until something becomes “an emergency” to take care of it.