It took 10 years, LOL, but uncovered medical expense arrears have now been addressed. Child support went down to $607 a month support.


2005 “Estimated”

Hilarious that the ex thinks Keith should pay BEFORE anything, before she gets her support checks, before the insurance companies process claims, etc.

Today, Keith received a letter from his ex, that is dated January 18, 2005, and with it, she attached HER perceived final amounts and “estimated” amounts of child support she thinks he would owe her.

Their daughter turns 18 this year in June, so I guess the ex is trying to “wrap up” whatever it is she’s trying to “wrap up.” The ex also told Keith to not contact her regarding this letter “or any further complaints or harassment directed toward me by you and your wife.” She told him she no longer has an attorney on retainer and she no longer uses the services of her previous attorney, based out of San Diego.

She said, her personal information is private – that forwarding or otherwise directly sending correspondence or other information to other parties that she has not authorized is a violation of her privacy rights. GEEZ, if I had a nickel for every time she used that phrase. She went on to tell him that she “is seeking the professional services of an local attorney to file charges of harassment due to the continued berating content of e-mails (which I have deleted and blocked all addresses and alias by Richard (our last name) and his wife Patricia) and the violation of my privacy rights. I have refused and will continue to refuse all mail and any other correspondence to the nature and content of these mailings.”

She told him that the amount owed to her for child support for the benefit and welfare of (formal name Daughter) date of birth 6/18/1987, ( as if Keith didn’t know) is due monthly and has been court ordered to her that was since 1989. UM, that would be a lie. He LEFT in 1989, and there was NO court order for support until November 1990. Prior to that, he paid on his own, with her acknowledging his payments and even told him “thank you for sending money on time and regularly.” She then went on to accuse him of never being able to meet that court ordered requirement. Well, truth be told, there WAS no court ordered requirement at that time, LOL. She whines that she continues to receive less than the court ordered amount from his employer by garnishment. She states court ordered amounts are not what she is receiving resulting in arrearages and past due child support. She tells him, “this is not my problem.” He never said it was. She says this is his responsibility to pay his child support on time and in full each month.

She then tell him, “Should you wish to make the payment owed in fill or make payments before the end of June 2005, you may do so directly to my checking account at (lists her banking name and address) in my name (her first and last name which she has changed back to her maiden name)or to our daughter (daughters first and last name.)She is at the same post office and is able to pick up the mail each day.”

These last two paragraphs made us laugh. She wrote, “Five months until June 18, 2005 and the end of your responsibility to support your daughter. I NO longer wish to have any contact with you. If you need something talk to your children not me. Failure to pay your child support in full by June 18, 2005 will result in filing a statement with the State of California Department of Child Services. (she typed her first name and then signed it).

Huh? I’m thinking she means the Dept of Child Support Services. She tries to sound so smug and smart.

Harassment Charges

Does she really think she has the power to scare Keith/us? She sent him an email a little bit ago, 9:53pm to be exact, with “Harassment Charges” as the subject matter.

She told Keith, “I have hired a local attorney and have begun the process of filing harassment charges against you.

Do not send any emails or mail to me- do not call or contact me in any manner.”

That was it. LOL

At 10:04 pm, Keith forwarded it the email to her attorney and his at 10:04pm saying, “So, this is why she refused the mail today. I have no idea what grounds she has for doing this, she has none as far as I am concerned. So I still need to know where to send payments of child support and arrearages go.”

Then Keith wrote HER back at 10:10pm, “Good, I look forward to reading the (false) accusations and responding to them. Thanks for the heads up. Until then…. Keith”

January 12-15, 2005

Several emails were sent back and forth between Keith and his ex regarding child support. Can someone truly not understand how how child support works, after all this time, because it sure seems she hasn’t grasped it yet.

This morning, 1-15-2005, she emailed Keith and amongst other things she told him, “I will receive child support through the end of June 2005. She is your child or did you forget you are responsible for her welfare until she is 18. Please work on canceling the insurance too. She does not want or need your insurance after June 18th. Court orders will be sent to both insurance companies to show that. You are so stupid. And I imagine how happy all of this makes you and I think you are even more stupid. Not bothering me at all. In fact the more you waste time the more I LAUGH MY ASS OFF.”

Huh? “you are so stupid. And I imagine how happy all this makes you and I think you are even more stupid.” WHAT? What does that even mean?