Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone has had an awesome day!!


I sent my Daughters bio dad a Happy Easter AND Happy Birthday, as today he turns 63, how is that possible?! LOL I won’t hear from him, but that’s ok.

It was just my grandpup and I today. My Love helped me this morning with a few things and ended up almost passing out because he hadn’t eaten or drank anything all morning, so he went to his house. He’s not a dog person.

I did some yard work and planted some succulents in the front planter box. HOPEFULLY my landlord doesn’t Tem his henchmen, gardeners, to kill them this time, like he did the last time.

Different succulents

I’m on vacation for a week. We had Good Friday off, which shocked me, but it was so welcomed, after starting back to work on campus on Monday, 3/29. Over a year working from home. We came back just like we left campus, on a dime. It’s good to be back to work and when we go back after Spring Break, we will have about 4 weeks left until Schools out for Summer.

Gotta go for now. Will write more later!

Toodles for now!